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  • Frontline mode

    What is the best way to play this mode? How does the scoring work?

    On offense is it more important to not die much or gain ground as quick as you can?

    On defense is there a certain way to maximize points? Just hold ground as long as possible or is there more at play here?

    I get the basics of this mode but I've always been unsure what my strategy should be.

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    Re: Frontline mode

    On offence, go as quick as possible, on defense, slow them down as much as possible. You get points for kills, but the defenses score ticks up all the time.
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      Re: Frontline mode

      Here is the most effective strategy I found for assaulting. Build some light tanks and situate them in the back and load them with HE rounds for a supporting fire role. Build large waves of infantry and rush them forward, if mines are encountered stop the infantry immediately and bring up a mine clearing vehicle(s). Then continue the advance in the same fashion.

      For defending, build a lot of infantry of all sorts and spread them out. Build a few AT units and place them behind cover near the frontline, these units will be used to ambush vehicles once the first line of defense has collapsed. Build an AT gun and place it in the back on hold fire mode, manually control it and only fire when you know you can kill a tank. After firing 2 shots, move the AT gun to a different location and repeat. Sometimes, It can also help if you put a mortar in the rear behind some solid cover and use it to wipe out infantry waves. Another strategy to use is to place mines however, do not place too many mines because its a cowardly tactic that nobody likes.

      Most importantly when assaulting or defending, DO NOT SPEND ALL YOUR RESOURCES AT ONCE!!!
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        Re: Frontline mode

        Played a game last night and for the longest time I was out of points(spent them all as defender), then, just before the end of the round I magically had max points and spammed units to try and hold. What determines the point accumulation for the defender?

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