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Starcraft Usernames & User ID's

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  • Starcraft Usernames & User ID's

    Please post your Starcraft Username and ID in the format below.

    Name: [Name]
    ID: [ID #]
    RP: [T, P, Z]
    L: [B, S, G, P, D]
    Server: [USA, Europe, Asia]

    How to retrieve your ID:

    1. Login to your SC2 account
    2. Mouse over your character portrait, and the ID will appear


    2. At the bottom right, click on ADD FRIENDS
    3. A new window will appear, your ID is on the top right

    Thanks to Kormendi for providing this information


    Name: Fnorvous
    ID: 272
    RP: P
    L: P

    Name: jack
    ID: 992
    RP: Z
    L: S

    Name: Bellicosity
    ID: 411
    RP: Random
    L: B

    Name: FLIPmode
    ID: 993

    Name: GringoGrande
    ID: 433
    RP: T
    L: none...That I know of!

    Name: HaveANiceDay
    ID: 599

    Name: Hellswaters
    ID: 108
    RP: T, P
    L: B

    Name: Huatar
    ID: 186
    RP: T
    L: Practice ATM

    Name: Jetheren
    ID: 833
    RP: Z, P
    L: Practice ATM

    Name: kevlarorc
    ID: 954
    RP: T
    L: B

    Name: kormendi
    ID: 140
    RP: Z
    L: S

    Name: Ltwinters
    ID: 641
    RP: T, P

    Name: Lyramion
    ID: 744
    L: B

    Name: MacLeod
    ID: 849

    Name: Oreox
    ID: 970
    RP: P
    L: B

    Name: Ostry
    ID: 849

    Name: Pillslanger
    ID: 266
    RP: T,P,Z
    L: none

    Name: Pistolfied
    ID: 607
    RP: R
    League: Placement - 1v1, D - 2v2

    Name: ReaperMAC
    ID: #990
    RP: R (random)
    L: Practice League
    Server: USA

    Name: Sirusblk
    ID: 589
    RP: T, P, Z
    L: Gold

    Name: snooggums
    ID: 413
    RP: T, P, Z
    L: Haven't started the ladder business.

    Name: Stealthcat
    ID: 629

    Name: TGXTurkish
    ID: 474

    Name: Tllyx
    ID: 355
    RP: T, Z
    L: D

    Name: Unload
    ID: 478

    Name: Zodiac
    ID: 205


    Name : Morte
    ID : 683
    RP : T , P
    L : B

    Name: westyfield
    ID: 274
    RP: Any.
    L: Haven't yet started leagues; so beginners'.

    Name: Phoenix
    ID: 1290
    RP: Z
    L: B

    Name: BigGaayAl
    ID: 323
    RP: P
    L: none

    Name: Lyramion
    ID: 744
    L: B

    Name: sproge
    ID: 864
    RP: P,Z
    L: D

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