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  • Interesting Terran Openings

    So as I was playing with the possibilities of every opening terran can do with the standard

    10 Supply Depot
    12 Barracks
    13 gas
    15 Orbital Command

    Here are some of the things I came up with and why. This only includes up to the next two buildings after the first Barracks at 12 supply. It certainly makes for an interesting set of openings. Obviously not all of these are viable or practical but they're possible!


    2nd building

    Possibilities: Barracks, Factory, Ghost Academy, Engineering Bay

    Why fac?
    o Hellions
    o tanks
    o starport

    Why 2nd rax?
    o Larger saturation of Infantry

    Why GA?
    o Fast Ghost

    Why CC?
    o Economical Lead

    Why Engineering Bay?
    o Missile Turrets
    o Infantry Upgrades


    3rd building, combat unit producing structure

    Possibilities: Barracks, Factory, Starport, Command Center, Ghost Academy, Armory, Engineering Bay

    Why 3rd Rax?
    o Larger saturation of Infantry

    Why factory?
    o More mech units

    Why starport?
    o Vikings, Medivacs, Banshees, Ravens

    Why Command Center?
    o Economic Lead

    Why Ghost Academy?
    o Ghosts

    Why Armory?
    o Thors
    o Vehicle Upgrades

    Why Engineering Bay?
    o Missile Turrets
    o Infantry Upgrades


    The below assumes the fact that your first Barracks is built. This displays the second and third buildings.

    o Versatile
    o build any unit and composition

    o Mech with bio support

    Factory->Command Center
    o Bio/Mech economy build

    o Bio with Mech support with quick hellion(s) or tank

    o Bio with Mech support without quick hellion(s) or tank

    Barracks->Command Center
    o Bio with FE economy build

    Barracks->Ghost Academy
    o Bio with ghosts

    Ghost Academy->Barracks
    o Fast ghost Bio

    Ghost Academy->Factory
    o Fast ghost Bio with late mech

    Ghost Academy->Command Center
    o Fast ghost Bio with FE economy build

    Command Center->Barracks
    o Very FE economy Bio Build

    Command Center->Factory
    o Very FE economy Bio / Mech build

    Command Center->Ghost Academy
    o Very fast FE econmy Bio / Ghost build

    o Bio / Mech with Thor

    Factory->Engineering Bay
    o Bio / Mech with Infantry Upgrades

    Engineering Bay->Factory
    o Bio / Mech with early Infantry Upgrades

    Engineering Bay->Barracks
    o Bio with early Infantry Upgrades

    Command Center->Engineering Bay
    o Bio FE economy Infantry Upgrades build



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