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Mechanics of Starcraft

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  • Mechanics of Starcraft

    This was written for brood wars but the mechanics still apply to Starcraft 2. I highly recommend this for every starcraft player. There isn't one person here who will not get something out of this guide.

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    Re: Mechanics of Starcraft

    Particularly.. I liked this part the most.

    This is what you should do regularly:

    Step 1: select your army. Is it in danger? Is it going to be attacked?
    Step 1.1: If it is in danger: attack if you can win
    Step 1.2: If it is in danger: retreat if you can't win
    Step 2: Take a look at your supply limit
    Step 2.1: Enough supply for units? Yes -> move on to step 3
    Step 2.2: If no (that kicks in if you're close „0<x<5 supply points“ ): build depots/overlords/pylons
    Step 3: Build workers in all your nexus / command centers (Zerg should think more about it, since they have a difficult larvae system)
    Step 3.1: Send trained workers to mine
    Step 4: Train units
    Step 4.1: Send your reinforcements to your main army / group them onto hotkeys
    Step 5: Take a look at the minerals: how much do you have? Decent amount: -> Repeat Step 1-5
    Step 5.1: It rises although you trained units. Expand if you're in advantage or if the game is about to be a draw
    Step 5.2: If you're not in an advantage, or if your opponent could prevent you from expanding: build more production facilities / build tech buildings
    Step 6: repeat Step 1 – Step 6

    You should run this circle through 2-3 times per minute. The ranking should be following: do not lose your army only because you don't check out the minimap / its position. Do not be held back by your supply count. Train worker.s Spend money. Expand or tech depending on situation.


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      Re: Mechanics of Starcraft

      Great guide Tllyx, thanks man!

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