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Day9 Funday Monday FFA action

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  • Day9 Funday Monday FFA action

    Hey people, are you guys/girls bored with the everyday Starcraft mp match? Do you want something to help spice up your strategy game life? Do you want to have some good times, and some very frustrating times?! Well then try the Day9 Funday Monday challenge!

    For those of you who don't know who Day9 is, Day9 is a highly respected and good SC2 player who played Brood War competitively for 12 years. Every Sunday-Thursday, Day9 hosts what he calls the Day9 Daily, a live show where he goes over replays of pro level and lower level players, analyzes them, and helps viewers learn from these matches. Recently he has started themed Daily's. Link to Day9's Team Liquid page where you can access the Daily's stream and archives of previous Dailys:

    For Mondays, Day9 has come up with the Funday Monday. Where he places restrictions on players playing MP matches (ex. Terran Players: cannot build Marines, Mauraders, or Tanks for the entire game; or Zerg Players: cannot build Queens at all).

    The restriction for this coming Funday Monday is this. In a FFA match, you must kill your opponents in alphabetical order. That means if you go out to attack your first target and another player's army attacks yours, you must must retreat back to your base. If you go to attack your target and someone else is attacking your target, you must retreat since you may shoot the player who you are not going after. Now if your base is under attack, you may defend it; but you must kill your opponents in alphabetical order.

    Now doesn't that sound like fun?! You can also send replays of your winning Funday Monday games to [email protected]. Who knows? Your vid may be one of those Day9 casts this coming Monday! Tune in to the Day9 Daily at 7 p.m. PST, each daily lasts about an hour.

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    Re: Day9 Funday Monday FFA action

    This monday is last weeks funday monday challenge. At the beginning of a 3v3 or 4v4 announced the one unit you're going to build the entire game to everyone. Good times.




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