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    Hey every, I have been looking to get my RTS fix recently, and with the sad demise of AoE3 over the last few years, I have been looking towards playing campaigns in a few TW mods during the times that I can't find a game in AoE.

    I have RTW, M2TW, and ETW, and respectively I have been looking at Europa Barbarorum, Stainless Steel, Third Age:TW, and ETW DarthMod. Out of those listed and the many other great mods that are out there, which would you all recommend for any of these three games?

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    Re: Favorite Mods

    If I remember correctly, Europa Barbarorum is one of the best RTW mods there are. Adds a lot to the game, and includes graphics changes to make it look better. Stainless Steel and Third Age are for M2 (I think), and Darth is obviously for empire. If you're looking for an experience as close to vanilla as possible while fixing AI and upping the difficulty, Darthmod usually does that well. Besides that though, each of the mod sets cater to a (slightly) different set of fans.

    Your best bet of finding your perfect mod would be to browse the mod pages on TWCenter, and see which mod(s) have the feature set you want.

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