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  • Warhammer

    First off, I'd like to say: "There's a Total War forum on TG?! I've been here for years and never seen it! Not even once! What de craps is wrong with me?!"

    Second: Total War Warhammer, looks freakin' great!

    I'm most excited for the usefulness of hero/general units. Unlike every other version, This game relies on you pitting your best units into battle, and they can actually fend for themselves. Graphics look spectacular, and I'm always a fan of fantasy that steers away from historical accuracy any day (reference giants, and wizards). May 9th people... it's gonna be a rough finals week for me now. :D
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    Re: Warhammer

    How're you liking it? Finished my Dwarf campaign as my first playthrough, now about 150 turns into my empire campaign, the Chaos invasion has just begun.

    I'm loving this game! The units are total badassery, and its nice that the agents (heroes) get a role on the battlefield as well as the campaign map.

    I do however find the game more difficult as the additions of mounted ranged units, flying units, monsters and powerful artillery pieces just make battles so chaotic.

    I commend the devs for making every race feel unique, especially the different challenges that present themselves while playing as and against other factions as a result of those unique features. Fighting back against chaos and vampire corruption makes me sweat!




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