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The Battle of Jena

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  • The Battle of Jena

    I recently went to Jena Germany to see the 1806 battlefield where Napoleon defeated the Prussian Army.

    The battlefield was not marked very well, but I think I got to most of the good spots, especially Napoleon's position in the French center and Ney's position on the French left.

    Here are some photos.

    Battle map.

    One of several museums in the area. Not that big, but worth the $3 to get in.

    Napoleon's position in the center. He has an incredible position on the highest ground with a 270 degree view to the North and West. I was very impressed.

    The sweeping view from the French center.

    The French advance down the hill in the center.

    Ney's position on the left.

    Near the center.

    The Prussian main line looking towards Napoleon's position in the center (hill) and Ney on their right. Napoleon had a big height advantage on them, the photos don't do it justice.

    From the Prussian center looking back South at Napoleon on the hill. Napoleon was just to the right of the trees on the hill top with his cannon and the Old Guard.

    The battlemoblie.

    More photos near Auerstedt.

    My overall impression was that Napoleon used terrain to his advantage better than the Prussians. He attacked only where the advantage was good, and ignored / avoided terrain where the Prussians had a slope / height advantage (the Prussian left).

    The battlefield was beautiful, but not well marked. If you go, have a good map and a good understanding of all the little towns so you can stay oriented.

    Auerstedt was even less marked, so it was hard to get oriented.

    Fun trip either way.

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    Re: The Battle of Jena

    It's Ney's finest hour if you ask me.
    His one corps took on most of the Prussians and won !

    I love your pics, and honestly am jealous of your ability to see the great places you do Tman.



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      Re: The Battle of Jena

      Yeah, you are lucky to get to see these places. Post more pics man! These are great.


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        Re: The Battle of Jena

        Yes, great pics Tman. Pretty cool that you get to see all of these old battlefields.

        OLD GUYS RULE!!!!

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