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    I thought it would be pretty awesome if we could show each other our campaign progress. You know, what nation, who you're currently fighting/researching. All that jazz. We all see people Total War, but we never get to see what they are fighting, It would be nice to change that.

    I'll start with my Campaign of the Coalition on N:TW.

    Currently playing as Russia and have been fighting wars with the Ottoman Empire for the past 2 years. Conquered one of their regions and liberated another. They wanted peace after liberating Romania, but next turn they seiged Romania with 3 armies, each at least 3000 strong. After they reconquered Romania that asked for peace again. I accepted after having a spy put there. Tried to assassinate one of their generals a year later and they declared war again. One of the weird things is that in the middle of it, where I had a peace treaty with the Ottomans, 2 Spanish Armies marched into Southern Russia and started seiging the city where my main armies were.

    I'm also trying to research the Carcass Shot to get the Experimental Howitzers. The bad thing is that I have no Fleet what-so-ever. I can't even get close to French Territory because of the war I'm in with the Ottomans.

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    Re: Your Campaign Status

    You are better off fighting the Turks right now as it is and when you Have them in a state where you can manage their army size and attack when they get too much, you can march a second army towards France by foot. Don't even attempt a naval landing as you will probably get intercepted by France or the United Provinces. The nice thing with fighting the Turks is getting a very experienced army. Really work on your artillery because your going to want them to ware down french infantry. Also, by fighting the Turks for now you can also work on increasing the wealth of your territories to make sure you have a nice steady flow of cash when you start fighting the french.

    What difficulty are you playing on?

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      Re: Your Campaign Status

      The Campaign difficulty is on Very Hard and the Battle difficulty is on Normal. The Turks are getting smarter and bringing more artillery to the fight, and their artillery outclasses my artillery badly. If I want to move my second army I would need to declare peace with the Turks which I am probably gonna do.

      But enough about me. Tell me about your campaign.


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        Re: Your Campaign Status

        Update on my front.... My First Army is surrounded in Buda-Pest. Austria is my only back up right now. My Second Army is marching on Istanbul, hoping that that the majority of the Ottoman's forces are in Hungary.

        On the French side, Napoleon was ambushed by my 1st Army, he and his army were decimated. Screenshots incoming.
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          Re: Your Campaign Status

          Time to resurrect this thread!

          My current campaign in ETW DMUC. My brave Austrians have completely conquered the Prussians, Bavarians, Venetians, and Italians, and they are about to disembark to take Malta and Genoa as extra sources of revenue. After that I plan to regroup my armies along my border with the Ottoman empire, and launch a multi-pronged attack to capture all five of the Ottoman's Southeastern European cities outside of Instanbul, crushing their remaining two mainland cities in between Poland and Russia. I then plan to move two stacks north of Bulgaria to hold them at Moldovia, and have the rest of my armies lay siege to Instanbul. By 1750 I should have complete control of Central and Southeast Europe, and while at that point I could conquer Poland it looks to be a better idea to keep them as a buffer between myself and an increasingly more powerful Russia. Instead I will probably push Spain completely out of Italy and either capture the Scandinavian peninsula or push Spain and France completely out of Europe and back to North America.

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