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Different Domi' map for Alpha?

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  • Different Domi' map for Alpha?

    ... Or, something.

    Now then, I am under the understanding that Alpha is OA only, restricting how much can be done as a result. I also understand that I'm a silly newbie, too, but... I personally think we need different Domi maps in the runs for Alpha, or it ought to be modified, at least.

    As of now, all Domi games basically boil down to infantry overwhelming a objective with entirely infantry, shooting away at anything that moves. The infantry flies in, usually via the Chinook, then flies back to base. Then back again. No matter if it's a pubbie swarm of someone (Viper) slamming order into people, it's pretty much the same thing.

    Now, there are changes, sure. Sometimes - Only on #/21 configurations - people bring out vehicles and drive them to AO to AO. Once I saw people taking the MHQ around, forming a micro-convoy of two tanks, MHQ and whatever vehicles they captured this time 'round. And... That was the only time to general memory. The infantry still got Chinook'd.

    Another change of pace is when someone mans the Artillery pieces at base and just... Well, rapes the AO before anyone gets there. Usually when this happens the infantry just sorta... Walks in on a crumbled AO and shoots at the scrap left - As well as taking the camps and blowing the various objectives.

    And that's... Really the only things that go on. Which makes everything extremely repetitive - Even for one individual game. It doesn't help that the vehicle gifts are usually fairly useless things (Like APCs - Which get rather quickly destroyed if they attempt to engage, even in a support role and are much slower then choppers for simply ferrying. Or even worse; Humves.) with the occasional useful thing, like a random Apache, Airplane or tank. (With the latter most usually getting ignored... As, you know, travel time.) Or that the choppers all indefinitely respawn, with the AI AA being what I like to call lethargic at best making it rather simple to do any aerial operations.

    It's all just... Argh. Maybe if the enemy was more responsive (Like the entire AO being alerted to Blufor presence when they start attacking, instead of just sorta half of it starting to defend and the rest just milling about, hangin'.) and gave more of a threat to prompt more then just Infantry (Or, at least, Infantry with a lot more casualties) attacking AOs. Further... The Chinook would have to, you know, actually be able to carry what it's vaguely supposed to, as of now it can only pick up basically anything in the middle of the field (Trucks, MHQ, etc) and a few random Opfor vehicles. And that's it. No Humvees, IFVs, whatever. Making anything using vehicles just... Frustrating for any game configurations that aren't the full 21 AOs, and even still annoying for the full due to the massive hills of Takistan.

    It's all so... Argh. Means to fix it would be nice, but admittedly I am really to new to really know what could be done.

    Variety in the maps themselves would be nice, but I don't know how much one can do with OA (And the DLC-lite) stuff.

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    Re: Different Domi' map for Alpha?

    As a public server we are currently running a dedicated mission with default settings. Domination has come a long way to offer the ability to tailor the game settings to your liking when starting the game. Disabling teleporting and the parachuting will force players to seek out transportation and stick with a group. Turning on Isle defense and base ambush keeps the mission dynamic and provide surprise attacks on route. Another fun thing to do is turn on Side missions only... In this case the mission will not be always attack this town... There are rescue, sabotage, and other types mixed in and best suitable when the server is at its seeding stages.

    On the other hand there are several missions being deployed by our mission developers which are not as dynamic and more focused. To access these missions in a public setting requires some initiative. A person must take control and ask everybody to vote an admin. Once admin they can select a different mission with predetermined slots for a very organized experience. One drawback is that these missions might require original Arma2, and OA together being loaded, which requires a little more setup time.

    We do have a lot of new players on the server learning the game, and exploring the teamplay aspect of the game with us. Hopefully leaders will emerge from the new players. I do know players that flock to our servers are all striving for teamplay. Thus any leader that emerges will be granted with plenty of obedient soldiers.

    Also if you are into developing missions or willing to learn a little something something, it is a great pleasure to watch players enjoy your missions. Custom missions are not limited to 30 players. There are missions which can house up to 100 people.

    Lastly, Bravo server provides smaller but very tight knit gameplay with Ace features and custom missions. Once installed with one of our guides, you can join in for something very different with our veteran players.

    Look for some events in the future. Events are tightly controlled highly satisfactory game sessions run by our officers once in a while.


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      Re: Different Domi' map for Alpha?

      Great feedback on the domi mission. B hit a few good points in his post also. There is work right now to give our domi a face lift and some very skilled mission makers are working to get more missions up for alpha. As always, the admin team likes to keep an eye on missions and new scenarios, so if anyone should find a mission or create one that you think would get good playtime on either server let us know. This is your guys community, tell us what you want/need and we will work on getting it for you.

      Thanks again for the great feedback.


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        Re: Different Domi' map for Alpha?

        Simple fix, just load Warfare :)

        Actually that requires a little more coordination, but is worthwhile in my opinion.
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          Re: Different Domi' map for Alpha?

          Good post gamer....

          Dredge and B hit some good points and I think what you are hitting upon really highlights the key differences between ARMA and other games like PR and BF2.....with the key difference being that the player base for ARMA is really what drives the game play. With other titles you sign on and join up in an existing framework of a game that pretty much is static. ARMA requires thought, action and leadership in order for it to evolve...

          The answer is looking you in the mirror....when you are frustrated with DOMI get on side or global and organize those people into either an organized domination session or even better...a coop mission.

          See...what you might not now because you are new is that DOMI only scratches the surface of what ARMA can be. A tightly run and organized coop or an objective based TVT is a beautiful thing and once you experience either you'll be left wanting for more.

          Look to the forums for announcements of organized missions. These are the sessions where TG gameplay really shines. Leaders, grunts, pilots etc all come together to ramp up the play and organization for a hugely worthwhile time investment.

          The fact you are asking is good. Be patient and don't think ARMA is only DOMI. It will come soon enough.
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            Re: Different Domi' map for Alpha?

            There is infact TvT this friday 17.12 with RIP and TOUR if you are interested in other kind mission than DOMI.

            You can find it in stickys.
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