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More Stuctured Coop Missions on Alpha

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  • More Stuctured Coop Missions on Alpha

    So while on alpha today me and price had about 30-40 people working..for the most part as a team..

    but domi just wasn't cutting it wanted something a little more structured ie with set squads everyone must work together etc

    problem was there simply wasn't any choice for a coop mission with that number of people..there was one mission that held 64 players but the slots were confusing ie there was a ton of pilots but they didn't list as pilot in the slot in screen

    also the helos and A10s could be operated by anyone which caused considerable issues with JIPs who immediately hopped into the A10s or apaches and proceeded to cause problems with those of us who were playing as a team

    anyways long story short other than this mission the next largest was only 18 people

    so if we could get more 30-50 and 20-40 person missions loaded onto the alpha server it would be great, i had alot of fun teaching people what TG is all about even though some just wanted to cause problems for the most part once people understood what we were doing they listened and had alot of fun..made sure to invite them back here so they could learn about ACE and TG on a more organised level etc :)

    Ill start making some vanilla arma2 missions we can load onto alpha but if we could pull some of armaholic or if we have some in a locker somewhere that could be pulled out lets load them on the server so when domi doesn't cut it we have other options

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    Re: More Stuctured Coop Missions on Alpha

    I agree with you charles. I've not had the time yet to make a search into armaholic, but my understanding is that if you find a mission that fulfils the TG standards you can ask the admins to upload it in mission submission thread.

    If you have the time for it, I would be forever grateful that's for sure :p

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      Re: More Stuctured Coop Missions on Alpha

      For sure....if you, or anyone finds missions that adhere to the core TG principals and standards all you guys haves to do is submit a copy to the missn submission thread. :)

      Way to step up and teach people about the TG values!

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