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  • Hey Guys - New to MP

    Hey there,

    I'm fairly new to MP in ARMA2, and was directed to this website by a friend. I'm wondering what game modes you guys play, and if you support Operation Arrowhead.

    My main skill in OA is flying the A-10, but I can also fly combat helos. I'm curious what the best way is to start flying in a CAS role in multiplayer. Are there any good game modes that offer this?


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    Re: Hey Guys - New to MP

    Yes OA is supported. Always the need for some good pilots! I'm still mostly playing BF2 Project Reality and waiting for the Project Reality for ArmA2. However, I have played a bit of ArmA 2 on the TG server and there has always been birds on the maps. There were a few times I could have really needed some good CAS, I play primarily as Infantry. Jump on and see if you can find a good gunner or pilot to pair up with.


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      Re: Hey Guys - New to MP

      Doro made a couple of good points!

      As for learning CAS, the best way is to post here're in the forums that your hoping on the forums and then hook up with someone on the ground and then just practice and see what works for you, as everyone is different in how they like to call CAS in with key words and such.....

      Your friend pointed you in the right direction in coming's always good to see new faces!! WELCOME :)

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