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Basic rotary wing instruction - officiality iffy

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  • Basic rotary wing instruction - officiality iffy

    Hey guys, still waiting on the official TGU class finalisation, but in the meantime I know a few of you were after the class, so if you are desperate give me a shout and I'll run it with you one on one, please note due to iffy officialness I cannot guarantee you'll get pins or that TGU will officially back it.

    I'll be on ts a bit this week, but most likely playing eve / afking - If you see me give me a poke and we can arrange a suitable time.

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    Re: Basic rotary wing instruction - officiality iffy

    I like virtual skills & knowledge a little more than ribbons. Although I couldn't complain if I had some colour in my sig. Been getting out of practice for the last few weeks lol now that you edited those pilot checks ;)

    Also don't mind taking tips from a non-pilot seat in a chopper if it allows more than one at a time. Might have a chance Monday or Sunday depending on what else is going on in Bravo.
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