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MSO Takistan has Concluded

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  • MSO Takistan has Concluded

    Hey all,

    Absolutely fantastic job by everyone involved with this most recent running. We had the mission up for an impressive 75 hours! All of the platoon leaders hard work really paid off, as we eradicated most resistance within the first 48 hours. The remaining time was left to mopping up the AO. Many thanks go out to Hawke who edited the mission to TG spec. Thanks also go out to the different clans and communities which threw their support behind us as we attempted MSO as few have attempted before. These clans include HCI, RIP, and AEF. For the full list of players who were involved, see the list below.

    While there were some issues, as the baddies did not seem to respawn as much as we would have liked, everyone stayed in character up until the end performing their duties, setting daily routines. HCI and TG will work together for future MSO missions, and as always we invite anyone from any community who would like to play to join us next time.

    Signing off,

    Bayonet 5

    Player List:

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    Re: MSO Takistan has Concluded

    A job well done. The Takistan region is once again stable with minimal allied casualties. Trouble is brewing elsewhere in the world so everyone be prepared for further deployment.
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      Re: MSO Takistan has Concluded

      Great thanks to all command staff and script writers, an enjoyable deployment. Looking forward to the next one...
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