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  • Night Time Domi Starting Now

    Well its 11:37 PM 3/31 my time in Japan so... I wanted to see if i can seed the server something different before i have to sleep and go to work for the next three days of 14 hour shifts. Thus I'll be on for about 6 hours.

    So hop on with me on the Bravo server, going to try something different, Domi at night. Operation started at 2100 Hours and I wanna see how this plays out, I know it may be early for some of you but if you don't have anything else to do hop on and help seed the server or what not.

    Also... AI with ACE wounds has always been interesting... make sure your target is down.
    AND be sure to catch the ACRE testing!! Its something that may be vital to your future ARMA gameplay experience.
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