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Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

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  • Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT


    Hail TG Arma community!
    As some of you know already, a few weeks ago I started to build my first mission! Well, after numerous numbers of hours figuring it out, the mission is finally done! And thanks to ACOG I was able to test it with the help of WARRIOR on Charlie server, and now it is ready to rock.

    However... I need YOU (TG ARMA COMMUNITY) to put it to the test by playing it on a MILSIM event somewhere during April.

    So what I really want to do? Let me explain...

    I do not pretend that my mission will be any better than any other already on the server. However, as I have operational experience, I have been there, done that. Want I really want to do is to bring realism into the mission itself, in the little details. With Ace and ACRE, the software is bringing more realism into the game; however the missions are not necessarily following the same path.

    Let me give you some example. In any military forces, thatís not true that you have access to every single weapon type available in the armory :) Most of the time, if youíre a grunt, you will have one rifle with some optic and maybe a grenade launcher. And forget pistols, as you donít really want one anyway because itís just something else to clean lol. Also, itís very rare that you will be the only bluefor in an area, there will always be other troops on the ground doing something else, or changing missions conditions and ROE ect ect ect. Itís never linear and everything can happen at any time. Also, in most of my missions vehicles wonít spawn back (subject to change depending on scenario of course).

    I want to create scenarios from experiences I had in the past. I want to bring in the scenery the little details that make it credible. I want to create MILSIM EVENTs missions that would be build to be played only once. Which mean that they would be heavily scripted, hopefully giving me the opportunity to make you feel the same way I felt when I was on the other side.

    So as I said, I need YOUR SUPPORT by MANIFESTING YOUR INTEREST in this post. If there are not enough people showing interest that probably just wonít happen.

    Here is a copy/paste of the mission briefing, just to give you a taste.

    0-SCENARIO :

    The Takistani Army had word of our advance on Zargabad. Our latest intel indicates that the bulk of the Takistani Forces is retreating from the country side surrounding the Zargabad area and fortifying the city. It looks like they are getting ready to hold the city for a long time.
    The Colonel decided to detach a small Joint Recon element from the main Battlegroup to push forward and try to catch some of the remaining force off guard. This small unit should move at a faster pace and be in position just before sunset.

    Major, Your orders are to move as fast as possible until you reach the Zargabad's country side. Then, you and your men will setup a small bivouac , gear up , eat and rest for 1 hour. Your attack should begin just before sunset. Mission begin at proword BEAUCOUP FISH. Our Intel section will tell you anything else you need to know Major, good luck.

    (on the fly intel briefing)

    Intel is quite limited and mostly come from local PMC group. So take it for what it worth.

    We know that the main OPFOR as retreated within the city defences, so you should not encounter any heavy armoured resistance.

    We think the remaining forces are mostly low rank soldiers and that their main task is to hold some key areas and report activities. We know for sure that the small compound of SAHBAZ was a more or less important ammo depot for the local operations and we expect OPFOR to try to save as much ammunition as possible before our Battlegroup shows up. We have no precise information on their numbers but a company size force is probable for the entire area. If you could catch them off guard and seize some of their supply that would certainly affect their defence capabilities.

    IED treat is YELLOW. Watch your step, look for odd vehicle placement .

    Other Facts

    The nearby airport could provide some low tech transport and support but nothing you couldn't handle.

    -We know for a fact that the OPFOR often uses BRDM-2 as close infantry support.

    -One D-30 gun as been reported by the PMC, but they could not give us an exact location. WATCH YOUR SIX on this one.

    -PMC is reporting criminal activities at this point.

    -We have no intel for the Eastern portion of the Battlespace.

    -Civilians are NEUTRAL. So please watch your fire...


    1-Move North, clearing the National Highway 1 which leads to Checkpoint POPOV. Secure the CP and make sure no OPFOR is left active in the proximity of the CP before moving to the next objective.

    2-Attack and seize SAHBAZ, clearing the Highway 1 at the same time. The objective will be completed only when no more OPFOR is in the vicinity of the town.



    2 US Army mechanized infantry squad (HMMWV M2)
    2 CDF mechanized infantry squad (BMP-2D and BRDM-2)
    1 Command section (GMV M2).

    Each Squad as its own vehicle within its own group.

    SIGS (Suggested channel for comms)

    APOLLO 1 CDF mechanized infantry squad (BRDM-2)
    -PRC 343 (Basic radio) Channel 1

    APOLLO 2 CDF mechanized infantry squad (BMP-2D)
    -PRC 343 (Basic radio) Channel 2

    HAMMER 1 US army mechanized infantry squad (HMMWV M2)
    -PRC 343 (Basic radio) Channel 3

    HAMMER 2 US army mechanized infantry squad (HMMWV M2)
    -PRC 343 (Basic radio) Channel 4

    ZERO - US Command
    -PRC 343 (Basic radio) Channel 5

    -PRC-148 VHF (Squad leader) Channel 1 (036.625)


    Notes From Ratatomik,

    To make this more realistic, i severely restricted the weapon choices. This should raise the difficulty level and make the mission more realistic. This is my first mission so expect glitches and bugs (im sorry already haha). I expect constructive comments from the community.

    I expect the mission to take less than 2 hours. It's very straight forward. However since it is
    my first mission i had an hard time balancing the difficulty level. It might be very easy or very hard.

    Other Facts

    -ACE medical system is on.
    -Players Spawn with BASIC ACE equipment but no weapons.
    -Mission is ACRE ready.
    -Respawn at base 60 Sec.
    -Vehicles got some equipment in their trunk, stuff that should always be there in the first place.
    -Vehicle ammo is limited, once your dry, thats it! (look in the trunk for some supply)
    -Vehicle won't spawn back, use them wisely!
    -Dont forget, PageUp and PageDown to adjust NVG sensitivity.

    Have fun!


    I say it again, I need YOUR SUPPORT by MANIFESTING YOUR INTEREST in this post. If there are not enough people showing interest that probably just wonít happen.

    Thank you for your support!

    Dont be shy, add me on Steam by clicking the icon below.

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    Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

    Sounds grand to me. I don't know much about realism but like the idea.
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      Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

      I will definatley be there!


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        Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

        I'm in whenever you are ready to run it. Thanks to guys like you , Acog and the other mission makers we can keep this community going strong.


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          Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

          I'll try to be there love milsim style missions with proper comms set up :)
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            Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

            I can't wait! I love playing a large MilSim mission every now and then. :)

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              Absolutely interested. If you need help with the mission catch me anytime on TS or PM me via the forum.

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                Re: Rat's Atomik Challenge! MILSIM MISSION TRYOUT

                Looking great!

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