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    Engines: Check.
    Rotaries: Check.
    Yaw Pedals: Check.
    Aviators: Check.

    I had just been gunned down and had to swallow my pride as I hopped in my Blackhawk. I'd have the life of myself and 9 men in my hands, well joystick actually, for the next 10 minutes. The target, the Rasman airfield; the mission, a SU-25 Frogfoot.

    As the men hoped in, I said a silent prayer, looked at the route given to me, and shuddered as I thought of the possible fiery wreck that may become of me. AA targets littered the AO, and my LZ was less then a click away from them in the sandy dunes just north of the airfield.

    I flick the engine switch, checking over the systems. I yell over the helicopter's comm system asking if the men are ready, and upon their quick response, I take off. I hit two-thirty, bouncing over the hills less that thirty meters off the ground. We are less than 5 minutes from the LZ near Nur when the black hawk starts taking fire to the starboard side, I dodge the Shilka tracers. I push the nose down, dropping to 15 meters, and swish past the trees.

    I bank right, and the lock starts scream, I slam out a couple of flares and careen towards the safety of the dunes.
    The lock still present, I keep popping flares. We are less than a minute til the LZ and sweat covers my brow. I yell over the comms, "30 seconds!" as the starboard gun engages anything in the area of where the runway should be. I slow down gradually, banking into a small inlet. Pitching the nose upwards I drop in altitude, touchdown. The men scramble out of the helicopter, and Unkl gives me the all clear. I gain altitude and head west. The words "Return to Base" never rang so perfectly.

    I refuel, and go back, carrying some FNGs. Unkl's team had taken a compound to the northeast of the runway, I approach from the east this time, dodge more AA rounds, and land. The LZ is hot, and I am exposed. The men can't get out of cover to nab the resupply ammo I had brought. I dust off, and RTB as LowSpeed engages the AA threats in his A-10.

    With cockiness in his voice, Low informs me of no presence of AA left in the area, I hustle back into the chopper, and fly full throttle back into the AO, armed with ammo. A T-55 had just broken through the perimeter as I landed, I nab my .45, and go back into the crew's seats, where the very large ammo crate sits. I grunt as I pull it off the deck and onto the hot Takistanian sand. I nab an AT4, which fits awkwardly with my flight helmet, and run to help with the incoming threat of the tank.

    I run around the corner, where the tank charges past the gate, men opening up their M4s. I yell over the small arms "CLEAR BACK BLAST." I take the tank in sights, and fire the warhead into it's body. The warhead slices through the armor like a knife through butter. I drop the now empty launcher and walk back to my chopper. As I do, I realize that none of the idiots know how to fly a jet.

    I yell over the comms "I got a clear shot at the Frogfoot, want me to take it?" Unkl's response is a unsure "Go for it." I nab a M4 and a couple of STANAG mags, and charge across the runway towards the center hanger. A SAW gunner opens up, covering my one-man assault across a two football field sized runway. My legs are screaming in the Takistani sun as I reach the apposing Frogfoot. I step over a dead insurgent as I make my way to the cockpit. I hop it, finding a small manual, printed in Arabic. It reads:

    "أنا لا أعرف، فقط يشق العصا والأمل بما هو أفضل"

    I throw it outside, onto the dead body. I pull the cockpit over me, strap myself in and flick the main engine switches. I ease the throttle forward, the jet pushes forward. I go into the taxi lane, and from there the main runway. I shove the throttle forward and tell LowSpeed not to shoot at the massive SU-25 if he sees it.

    I pull the joystick back and bank right, the G's pushing me back into the seat further. I groan, but preserve, and head south towards the airstrip. I do a couple of barrelrolls and next thing I know I am there, I bank right and find myself of final approach, I throttle down, shove the flaps down as well as the gear. I steady myself, and pitch the nose down. I pull up at the last second, and land successfully.

    I park the jet near the hangers, and as I get out I accidentally hit the eject button. I am rocketed into the air as Unkl's team lands. The whole squad sees me fly up into the troposphere and fall unconscious, I land shortly after and come to as someone pours their CamelBak's contents on my face.

    I am soaking wet...but it tastes like victory.

    Former Irregular and 18th SFOD
    Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
    We laughed, knowing that better men would come,
    And greater wars; when each proud fighter brags
    He wars on Death, for lives: not men, for flags.

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    Re: AirCav and Myself

    That was an excellent read! I was one of the ground forces on that one and I have to say, that was an amazingly accurate recount of what had happened. lol Good times, good times.




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