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request: Mout exercise

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  • request: Mout exercise

    With some larger towns in Lingor, it'd be great to get together & spend a hour going over close quarters urban tactics. Had a great training with Jacezz (b4 he got his TGU spot) and really would like to see these tactics in action.

    On another note, its been interesting finding out how all the tactics from Takistan fail in the jungle!
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    Re: request: Mout exercise

    This is something that can be arranged.


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      Re: request: Mout exercise

      Well wouldn't you know that MOUT is covered in next week's Fire Team Leader course? Stay tuned for the signup thread.

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        Re: request: Mout exercise

        and who said that the admins aren't on the ball?

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          Re: request: Mout exercise

          I'd be interested in a MOUT exercise, big time.


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            Re: request: Mout exercise

            Standing by to standby!


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              Re: request: Mout exercise

              I think it would be awesome if someone created a shoot house with targets, we could have TG competitions. Have IHS house clearing competitions. Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like a good time. I need to figure out how to create maps and what not.

              Something like this, but obviously we could use the houses in game and AI or popper targets.

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                Re: request: Mout exercise

                The training mission I created featured an area with targets set up for mout practice, essentially a shoot street, if you want a copy of it gimme a pm.

                Or... You can download the training mission here ;p

                Credits to ACOG for construction of the FOB etc.

                Anytime anyone fancies running some drills, gimme a poke and we can boot this up and practice room clearing, etc.
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                  Re: request: Mout exercise

                  oh yeah! i want any education in any arma tactic which is possible. i want to know all you know ;)

                  i have been on any training in the last weeks, began with basic infantry and then advanced infantry. now i am waiting for more.

                  if there is anyone who is willing to train me in all arma aspects, i would seriously appreciate that. i am also teaching other people these sop's, my friends who also play arma.
                  i also managed a few of them to join TG and show up on an event or play on bravo server. (what a mess to set up ACE, but i am becoming experienced in that :P )

                  so if you guys got time (uncle & jacezz or anyone else even unexperienced) then just tell me and i will join you. i am quite flexible and easy to catch on skype (name: troll-chieftain) most of the time, this would be the fastest and easiest way to contact me. or send me pm over here ;)
                  i am also willing to just perform the already learned formations and movements on my own with people who are willing to train with me.

                  i have time even today, not sure if i go out tomorrow, but today and sunday i have plenty of time. almost same with next week.

                  the stuff i am most interested in is:
                  1. Sniper
                  2. CQB
                  3. FAC
                  4. CAS
                  5. Riflemounted Grenadelaunchers

                  6. Commanding / Leading Positions (already have some experience)

                  i am putting the commanding as the last because first i have to know how every unit works and what they are capable of, but i am already getting an idea about it when watching you guys on events but its not enough knowledge for me in my opinion, i have to know more.

                  allright, i guess i have said the most important stuff and i want to keep this as short as possible.
                  if anyone is up for something, you know how to contact me. dont hesitate, lets get started! ;)





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