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  • ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

    TG: ArmA State Of The Union

    Greetings fellow TG ArmA players. I would like to take this time to make my first State Of The Union post as your Game Officer. This is a very exciting time to be a part of TG: ArmA. We are growing every day and are seeing an almost constant rotation of large scale missions being played on the server. It wasnít that long ago most thought that ArmA had been dealt its death blow here at TG, and I am proud to say that is not true.

    There are some things that I would like to talk about with you today and hopefully address any concerns or issues any might have.

    Firstly, I would like to speak about our Admin Team. We currently have a much smaller team dedicated to helping run this title. This is unusual for most as ArmA has always been a fairly big title and required several admins to cover. With the current admin team we have been able to handle most, if not all, of the daily goings on with the title as well as any and all player issues. I would like to ask that you, the players, remain patient with the admins. It does take time for some issues to be dealt with. The admin team has a lot on their respective plates, but one of their top priorities is helping to maintain the community.

    Also along those lines, if any of you have problems please let us know. It is very hard for us to address issues if we donít know about them. There are many ways in which you can contact the admin team:

    • Contact An Admin Forum
    • PM An Admin Directly
    • PM The GO (Myself) Directly

    With that, I want to briefly touch on the chain of command within our title. I as the GO am directly in charge of the entire admin team, and play a major role in the direction of the title as well as most of our SOPís and Rule Sets. The admin team works with me to help accomplish that, as well as dealing with common problems, player complaints, and daily server maintenance. Since taking over as GO my inbox has been flooded with PMís from players dealing with everything from server passwords, to asking what version of ACE we are running. While I donít mind helping players out, it does tend to take a great deal of time for me to answer every PM I get, add that on top of meeting with my admins, and talking to the ďBig WigsĒ, it begins to impact my game time. I donít mean to sound needy or self centered, but I enjoy playing ArmA as much as any of you. To that end, I would like to get back on track with our specific title chain of command.

    • If you, or any player for that matter, has questions please have a look through the forums first. Chances are it may have already been answered. This method will get you the quickest results versus the next few.

    • If you, or any player, canít find the answer in the forums feel free to post a thread asking for help in our Technical Support section. You will soon get responses from all the players here trying to help you with the issue.

    • If none of the above work, feel free to make a post in the Contact An Admin section of our forum. The admin team will address your issue as quickly as possible but it may take a little bit as issues are addressed as they are posted.

    Should any player have problems with other players on the server, you have several ways to go about it. You can try and make a general post as long as it is mature and respectful to try and establish an open dialog with everyone about some of the issues you have or have seen. This is also in keeping with the open approach I have been trying to establish with the admin team. If it is something you are not comfortable posting in public, post in the CAA thread and the admin team will get with you as needed. If you uncomfortable posting there, feel free to PM one of the admins, and if the problem is actually with one of the admins PM me directly.

    PMíing me right of the bat will not get issues resolved quicker, nor will it bypass the admin team. I urge everyone to use the support chain we have to its full potential. Doing so will allow both myself and the admins to address issues while still having some time left over at the end of the day to jump on the server with you all.

    The next thing I want to talk with you about is a relatively big change coming our way. ACE is releasing its stable version very soon. While that is indeed great news, and will cut down on the amount of updates and the like, it presents us with an issue we need to discuss. They way in which this update is being released will mean that anyone who uses the Yoma updater like we do will need to download all 2-3 gigs of ACE all over again. However, if we switch over to Six updater the release update will be in the neighborhood of 38 megs. Because of this, I have made a command decision to change over to Six updater. This will also cut down on the size of updates because of the way Six works. Instead of changing the entire file like yoma, Six only updates the parts of the file that actually changed.

    This will require all of us to switch over to the new updater, but from what I have read and what I have been told by those that use it, is the updater itself is actually easier to use for both admins and players than yoma is. As far as I can tell it is a two click and it works application. More on that as we start the implementation of it which will be in the coming days. As always our SOPís and getting started threads will be updated to reflect this change.

    Mod Packs. As it stands now, we have one mod pack that is currently under review by you the players. This is the only mod pack that we will use. Nothing will be added to this as time goes by. We the admin team are working to try and keep the requirements to play as low as we can while still providing you the content that you want. The main additions that we will be looking at will be Maps. These all will be based on player votes and feedback and will be released when missions are ready as we did previously for Lingor. While it is nice to see all of the cool things the ArmA modding community can do, most are not for us and will not find a home on the server. What we have right now is what we will keep.

    Now, the big one. Project Reality. There are a lot of players that are waiting eagerly for the release of this mod, and most if not all of the admins as well. There have been months of preparations and discussions revolving around this mod and its home here with TG. Once it is released (Donít ask me when, I canít tell you per my NDA) there will be some changes taking place within our small slice of TG. Namely admins. With any luck, I will be bringing in a few PR centered admins to help with the implementation of the game as well as developing rules and SOPís that fit within the boundaries of the game mod itself. I would ask that everyone help the admin staff and myself out when the time comes and we start PR:ArmA going.

    With everything that is going on, and all of the changes that are happening or are about it happen it is very easy for everyone to get overwhelmed. Let us all remember that this is a game and we all, on most occasions, enjoy playing it. Let us all keep up our hard work and continue to develop this game here at TG in ways never before thought possible.

    Thank you for your time, and for everything you do for Tactical Gamer and ArmA



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    Re: ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

    Thanks Dredge and thanks to all on your Admin Team. I have been very impressed with the way they have responded to post in the forums, classes for the simulation, server situations and etc. I know we all will benefit and grow together as a community of gamers thru this Administration.


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      Re: ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

      I have read and concur. Thanks for all the effort in rebuilding.


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        Re: ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

        Good post Dredge and kudos to the current team of admins for taking TG ArmA into its next chapter.

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          Re: ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

          Thanks Dredge and the admin team

          OLD GUYS RULE!!!!

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            Re: ArmA Game Officer: State Of The Union

            (nothing specific, just like saying Horray!)
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