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    Hi guys,

    I would like to request that we consider adding Fallujah to the Islands that we play. It's a city map, with plenty of room for tactics, vehicles, and especially infantry combat. Since downloading it, I play Fallujah almost exculsively and I hope that all TG ArmA players and Admins can seriously consider this map. It already has a couple Domination missions, both TvT and Coop made for it.
    I can go on and on about the possibilities that Fallujah opens up, but I'll leave it here.
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    Re: Fallujah Island

    Hi Rick, and welcome to TG. Recently, we added Island Lingor to our map pack. At some point, TG will look at adding another map to our map pack. The island chosen will be decided by the community, however, Fallujah will definitely be one of the options available for choosing. Be sure to check our forums every so often, because the map poll may come at any time in the near future. Thank you for your input.
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