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  • Thoughts on being a Medic

    I've been playing medic a lot lately and it's fun. Everyone likes to see the medic coming and it's pretty exciting to be running around all the time trying to find that wounded guy.

    My current working theory on being a medic:

    1. Stay alive. Being dead is not fun, and it's hard to heal people if you are dead.
    2. Carry lots of smoke and use it.
    3. If at all possible heal behind cover.
    5. Verify that the patient can walk before leaving them. If they can't use a med pack (first aid on the menu).
    6. While healing people continue to keep your situational awareness. For instance, during a long heal you can look around using the look button (default is Left-Alt).
    7. If there are multiple injured prioritize who to help first.

    Severity Levels:

    1) Examine shows that they need CPR. The player has a countdown until they die and are unconscious. Doing CPR (which anyone can do) prolongs the countdown. Preferably you have at least two people working on this person, one medic or non-medic doing CPR and the medic stopping bleeding and injecting drugs. If there is only one person working on the patient do CPR twice, and a non-cpr treatment once (starting with stop bleeding) and repeat the cycle.

    2) Bleeding and unconscious. Anyone other than the patient can stop the bleeding. Medic will have to apply drugs.

    3) Bleeding and conscious. Patient should stop their own bleeding, medic has to apply drugs.

    4) Conscious but needs medic to apply epinephrine (it is possible the patient will loose consciousness without the drug).

    5) Conscious but needs morphine.

    6) Conscious but cannot walk (patient requires First Aid, which uses up a med kit)

    I will usually work on one patient at a time unless someone is not stable (needs CPR and/or is unconscious and bleeding).

    In regards to coms, it would be useful if people could indicate whether someone is stable or not to help the medic determine how important the injury is.

    Some educational anecdotes :

    1. I'm healing the CO who needs first aid so he can walk. We get coms that a medic is needed. I ask if if they are stable and they so no, so I rush off to help them, leaving the CO in the street unable to walk. I get to the injured and they just need morphine, having already stopped their bleeding. In this case it would have been better to heal the CO first.

    2. I get to a squad with several injured, but they just need morphine. While I'm healing them I notice that the CO is lying unconscious and alone about 15 meters away and I run down to stop his bleeding and apply drugs. One of the guys I haven't given morphine to yet starts complaining about how long they've been waiting to get healed and now I'm running off again. Sorry guys but I have to prioritize.

    3. I'm healing someone. There is fighting around me and I assume the squad is right next to me without keeping my own situational awareness up. I hear the squad leader say they are falling back down the mountain and assume the are behind me now. I look up, see several infantry in front of me and shoot, killing my squad leader instantly (they had been in front of me). Not only is he dead, but his death leads to a communications breakdown catastrophe and the whole mission goes off track and ends in abject failure.

    Questions? Comments? Stories?


    Another tip, safety your weapon with Shift-~ before treating someone. Press F to select preferred fire mode to remove safety.

    Question: What is difference between 'Stop Bleeding' and 'Apply Compress?' I always select the first. Are they the same thing, one using a bandage and the other using a compress? Is one option better at stopping bleeding than the other?
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    Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

    I wondered why I have been seeing so much of you lately . If you continue this Iwill have to claim you as my Tri Care for Life primary care provider. you are doing a great job at it.


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      Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

      I love playing medic, although it is embarrassing when your ACE key setup is fubared like it was that one time last week.


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        Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

        Mine is jacked up too. I don't have the right keyboard or something. I have a Microsoft board and it only has 3 keys to the right of the space bar, none of which are the ACE key I need to be an effective medic.


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          Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

          Nice post to read. I have not used ace as much but I am trying to get the nerve to do it :P CR8Z you can use the ace clippy tool before you launch arma and then change the keys. I had the same problem so now I have my ace set up with the right application key and then ctrl+application key :o
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            Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

            great read

            would it be possible to have a introduction to ACE medic TGU course?
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              Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

              Great info Protobob. I agree the medic slot is fun to play (after auto rifle). Good question on the bandages, will have to dig around for the answer. Had another player ask about the splints & other medical items in game the other day.
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                Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                Good stuff Bob, you done a great job being my medic in that Drug Cartel mission last week.


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                  Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                  Proto, you've been doing great as a medic lately! Always appreciate someone stepping up for this vital and sometimes thankless role.

                  Just to somewhat add to your post

                  For players AROUND a medic who is healing:
                  * Don't bunch around the medic, staring at the injured. Form a perimeter and give covering fire if in contact.

                  * When you call for a medic, STATE YOUR NAME! "I need a medic!" is great when there are a dozen I's.

                  * Even if you are injured, in a firefight, keep giving covering fire if you are able to.

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                    Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                    Were you the one who saved me multiple times on that mission where we took a science lab then the town? I swear I had like 20 holes in me over and over on that hillside, and you were healing me while I was mowing down guys shooting at us. Great job man! Everyone loves a great medic :)


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                      Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                      Great post Proto, sorry I had to leave the medic squad last night. My Ace keys were acting up, and i was loosing sound occasionally. But it looks like everything was in good hands with you around.


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                        Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                        Chief: I'm willing to be your primary care provider if your willing to pay a reasonable, monthly fee.

                        CR8Z, I had the same problem, I ended up using Alt-App. If you go into Ace Settings in Arma, change the key and click SAVE it will copy some stuff into your clipboard and tell you to paste that into a file (I forget which). I did that and now it's always set.

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                          Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                          Is there a forum thread on mapping the second ACE key?


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                            Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                            The easiest way to change ace keys is to run clippi.exe which is located in @ace/clippi then start arma like you normally do. Once you are in the game press esc then ace settings and change anything you want. The clippi will automatically change the file needed for you so you do not need to copy or change anything yourself. Once you are done simple exit arma and clippi.
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                              Re: Thoughts on being a Medic

                              Originally posted by WarFairy View Post
                              The easiest way to change ace keys is to run clippi.exe which is located in @ace/clippi
                              Remember to run it as Administrator

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