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  • GG's Tonight

    Just wanted to thank the people who ruffed it out tonight on OP Rhino....Zargabad is not known for its high frame rate and I thought that the entire server did a great job in executing the orders that were given to them!

    We did a great job on formations and watching sectors and I think the medics did an outstanding job!!!

    Especially great job to Harbenger 1'1 and Storm's FIRST AT Kill!!!

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    Re: GG's Tonight

    That was a blast. I also send out to Axiom, Nerds, Daishi & (ooo-darnit you can kick me later) guy. You guys showed a lot of patience & great work on covering sectors. Not a death in the group. My fav mission ending is when we are all alive.

    Adept good COing. Your energy on the radio really kicks up the pace. Great 1-1 lead by ThirdSin & Jack on Alpha FT....I hardly had to say a thing for Bravo FT.
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      Re: GG's Tonight

      Whole heartedly agree. Despite the lag which could have lead people to complain and spiral down into chaos, everyone followed orders and worked together.

      Adept, very nice work. Great radio communication and setting of objectives.
      Unkl and Jack, thanks for making running 1-1 easymode

      I guess next time we can't blow up that compound building ;) (Still not sure how that happened, personally I had my head down in the city organizing/fighting off enemy still coming from the south.)
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        Re: GG's Tonight

        didn't play last night, but in the evening (BST evening) we had a good mission going. Think it was designed for 13 or so people but come the end for the last objective there was myself and paint going in for the extremely sneaky assault and Tarm on overwatch with a marksman - as best he could without detection - literally had 3 patrols come within 1m of mine and paint's location. Literally had to stay prone and not move, but it worked!

        Once eye's were on the objective (the UN's HQ command vehicle) we found ourselves heavily outnumbered, fired an RPG at it but turns out we needed to satchel it, well at least we killed some inf. New plan was for me to get overwatch of the vehicle and cover paint whilst he planted. He got whacked but i didn't know about it, then trying my best i eventually got hit too.

        But learnt a lot that mission, mostly my first hands on experience with the ACE medic stuff, and then also how to use satchels. Best bit was Crawling or Paint taught me how to detonate the satchels, then minutes later when destroying the Cobra's I passed on the 'tutorial' to J.B ! cracking stuff.

        wish i'd come on for the night now, but i didn't want to go to bed and 0730 again like the night before (did you guys ever kill Col. Aziz?)
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          Re: GG's Tonight

          Well done Animal! The mission was "CO13_MVD_Smash_v1," one of my harder missions. I'm glad you had a good time playing it!

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            Re: GG's Tonight

            Originally posted by ThirdSin View Post
            I guess next time we can't blow up that compound building ;) (Still not sure how that happened, personally I had my head down in the city organizing/fighting off enemy still coming from the south.)
            I say we all just blame tango :D

            Very good games, was a shame about the lag, lost more members to it that the enemy.

            Everyone did great, I'll write up some aars' etc but right now I'm very tired and gotta head out soon

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              Re: GG's Tonight

              Last night's Rhino was very well executed by the Co and FTL's. Which helped all the squad members keep in line and accomplish the mission together. I was under the command of Jack Bauer ( the original and only one). Our squad, under his care knew what to carry, what was expected of us, and where we were going, one corner to the next. I was very much impressed with my other squad members for listening, and following Jack's directions, which kept us alive for long periods of time. There are other good FTL's that I have had the priviledge to work with and TG is full of them.


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                Re: GG's Tonight

                After about 6 hours gaming on bravo, just a shout out to say good gaming. Sticking in my mind is good medic work by the guys, and great leading from Warlab, Cougar, Socom, Digi camo, sector and everyone else. I had to bail abruptly during the Chernarus map, but I really had fun. That mission would make a nice event by the way.....;)

                Full server all night, nice mix of new and old guys, and lots of pew pew. We had the second busiest ArmA server of the night for a couple of hours, which is always good. Now to get ACE up to the newest version and we would have had about 50 guys on their!


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                  Re: GG's Tonight

                  Originally posted by AnimalMother View Post
                  But learnt a lot that mission... Best bit was Crawling or Paint taught me how to detonate the satchels, then minutes later when destroying the Cobra's I passed on the 'tutorial' to J.B ! cracking stuff.
                  Worst thing was the day after when I decided to do a little side mission by myself on the domination map. It was simple: Blow the enemy's refuelling point. So after doing some sneaky sneaky for 100 metres in open terrain with 20+ bad guys walking around me within 3 metres distance of me, I finally got to the unbelievably small refuelling point (looked more like a shack). I planted a satchel charge and a lump of C4 with it, set the satchel charge to 5 minutes and slowly crawled my way back. BOOM! shot in the back. Oh well, I respawned and walked to a hill to watch the fireworks.

                  ... And I waited... And waited...

                  Like the new guy that I am, I didn't think twice about setting the safety off because I thought: "Hey, it's on a timer. What can go wrong?". Yeah....

                  In regards to last nights glorious Chernarus session, Jacezz did an outstanding job leading Alpha squad under fire, have the FTs work in synch and keeping us alive for a long time.
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