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XO's and Platoon Sergents

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  • XO's and Platoon Sergents

    So after getting back into ARMA 2, I have a thought. There are some great TG'ers who step up to command. I think a way to get more of us inexperienced guys up to lead would be to utilize the XO / Platoon Sergent, (if available for that mission), and fill it with an experienced commander who could act as council for us newbies. Think of it as kind of a mentor/advisor role. What do you guys think?

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    What the heck is the intended role of those guys anyway?? :)

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      Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

      I think this outlines it pretty well.

      In the United States Army, a platoon sergeant is usually a Sergeant First Class and is the senior enlisted member of the platoon, and is the primary assistant and advisor to the platoon leader (and acts as the platoon leader in his or her absence).
      Source: Wikipedia


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        Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

        What tends to happen is someone experience takes platoon role, or at the least a squad lead role. Then I would usually try to drop an inexperienced person into my fire team leader role. Learn from the bottom, gain confidence, it usually helps.


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          Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

          Realistically I would advise new co's ask for an experienced player to take their xo slot - the XO is just an assistant who can handle more or less whatever the CO wants them to ( within reason )

          For example - radio operation, logistics, forward command / air traffic control / forward observation, An XO can be assigned to shadow a squad or half of the platoon whilst the CO goes with the other, be briefed on the plan so that of radio comms go messed up you have a leader in the field that can keep order and ensure the plan gets followed.

          In the British Army I often read about XOs being promoted regular infantry that act as advisors / aides to the newly commissioned officers, and are considered to have command but not control of a platoon, as they are not actually commissioned to lead platoon, but are authorised to do so in the stead of an officially appointed officer

          They basically do anything the CO needs to do but can't handle himself in general though, and generally keep him right


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            Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

            Lowspeed was XO last night for the ambush convoy mission & was a great help in several areas:

            1) Thinking strategy while CO was busy on tasks such as coms.
            2) Doing the driving & navigation to aid the repositioning of the command element within radio & overview range.
            3) Advising on capabilities of assets & being a great sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

            At one point I commented on how I'm learning that a good element supporting the CO is important to help keep the chaos at bay.

            Anywho, was a fun mission as well. We smoked em'!
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              Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

              I would like to second this thread. I know that Moby took the XO position on last nights missions that Tralic made. I was able to bounce some ideas off of him and he gave me some great advice as to where and how to deploy the two squads. Also he was able to monitor the coms when RL called me away from my mic (damn dog always has to pee :) ) and was able to help the squad. I think the suggestion of more seasoned people who take leadership roles should step up and be XO to help those who want to try leading.

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                Re: XO's and Platoon Sergents

                Just liinking the obvious conclusions made so far with this excerpt from TTP2 from Dslyecxi. I Found the following quite logical: To help a player learn how to PltCo, or to observe an existing PltCo and help them develop.

                Platoon Sergeant
                The ShackTac Platoon Sergeant is an interesting leadership role that can be used for a variety of purposes. Primarily, they are as follows.
                To increase the platoon's efficiency in any mission by spreading the workload between the PltCo and PltSgt
                To assist a PltCo in a particularly intense, complicated mission
                To help a player learn how to PltCo, or to observe an existing PltCo and help them develop

                The Platoon Sergeant...

                Actively searches for ways that he can assist the PltCo in carrying out the assigned mission and is prepared to carry out any tasks that the PltCo assigns to him.
                Positions himself so that his view of the battlefield complements that of the Platoon Commander. When squads are split up, such as when employing support-by-fire and assault elements, the PltSgt will go with the element that the PltCo is not with. This allows him to report directly to the PltCo via squad TS and give timely orders to the element he is with, based on his direct observation of the tactical situation they are in.
                Exercises command and control over the following elements when required:
                Vehicle or weapons elements
                Close air support
                Artillery support
                Ammo resupply
                Helicopter insertions or extractions

                These are of particular importance when the Platoon Commander is busy directing squads in a fight - the PltSgt's involvement keeps him from being distracted and allows for greater efficiency.
                Is prepared to step up and take command of the platoon if required
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