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ACE and Missing Units FR_R and FR_AR (USMC)

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  • ACE and Missing Units FR_R and FR_AR (USMC)

    Does ACE2 change the defined model for pre-existing ARMA2 units and if so, how do I get access in the editor to content which I've paid for?

    I'm specifically asking about the Force Recon guys. The FR_R and FR_AR are supposed to be wearing load-bearing vests in different styles and boonie hats. Instead (and I've made expressly certain that the unit type is defined in the mission.sqm) they are wearing dew-rags and cloned vests. for the FR_R guy, you can compare it to the 'Saboteur' you place in the editor and note the difference.

    Same goes for: The FR_AR. I've noticed that unit class 'Heavy Gunner' has been removed from the editor or was lost when they split the USMC guys between FR and Woodland.

    My assumption is that the ACE guys didn't like the sound of 'Heavy Gunner' for realism so discarded the unique models in favour of... well... guys that look like crap tbh. But that's just an assumption and you know what they say about people who assume...

    So: maybe it's something with OA?

    I just know I'd like the original models back if possible. I'm screwing around in the 3d editor to see if there is another unit with the same 'look'.



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