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  • Recent ACE Update Highlights

    Well, since I still keep hearing "What? ACE can do that now?!" or something of the similar, I've decided to keep an ongoing post on here that shows what has been added or is new with the recent ACE updates as we get them here at TG.

    Change-Log Source: (LINK)

    Please do not discuss updates here. Use this thread for update discussion.

    Updates in ACE 1.11 RC1

    • Added illumination to PKP reticle [q1184]
    • Disabled redundant turret indicator on Tunguska [q1184]
    • IMPROVED: Wind init [Sickboy]
    • Increased penetration value for artillery delay fuzes to 100mm [Nou]
    • Loading cargo into vehicles is now faster if there is crew inside the vehicle (they are doing the tie down). It is between 3-4 seconds to load with crew inside now. Changed with out crew to be between 8-10 seconds. [Nou]
    • Map tools roamer (ruler) now is correctly scaled to 1:50,000 scale. Remember that when using the out edge now you must multiply by two to get the correct value in meters (this effectivly increase the rulers edge from 1600 to 3200 meters). [Nou]
    • MapZoomLimitation now optional, enable with ace_sys_map_auto_limit = true. closes #20015 [Sickboy]
    • NV and TI sights on rifles and vehicles have limited view distance according to their real specs. Enable by placing the corresponding module on the map. Ref #19861 [q1184]
    • RWR position of west vehicles can be changed in the ACE Settings dialog to bottom right, top right, top left, bottom left (russian vehicles not done yet), ref #19790 [Xeno]
    • Sight adjustment on RPG-7 PGO is not allowed when looking through the PGO optics, to avoid confusion (it only applies when using ironsights). [q1184]

    • Ace_sys_map_minMapSize override. refs #19959 [Sickboy]
    • Addon PKT MGs less murderous [zGuba]
    • BCS was still not correctly compensating for reversed northing maps (map makers, please, please, fix your grids, we shouldn't have to deal with this post OA!) [Nou]
      BIS "rain dance" when civilian driver meets enemy. [zGuba]
    • Proximity fuses on AI FFARs [zGuba]
    • Scripted reticles disappeared when right-clicking with active action menu, fixes #20022 [q1184]
    • Sight adjustment setting wasn't reliably ignored when using optics on RPG-7 PGO. [q1184]
    • Unable to switch to M2A2 driver position (now for real). Fixes #19309 [zGuba]
    • Wrong M240 for CSW when mounting L or B versions, fixes #19904 [rocko]

    • Commander's optics direction indicator [q1184]
    • Functional BPK-2-42 sight reticle for BMP-2,BTR-90,Vodnik and BMD-2. Default keys to adjust the sight are ArrowUp/Down. [q1184]
    • Main gun digital direction indicator for commander [q1184]
    • Simulating angled bullet hits when sys_wounds is active. [zGuba]
    • Transport boxes for smoke grenades [VKing]
    • Working T-55 gunner sight. Use Arrow Up/Down to adjust the reticle, Shift-L to illuminate. [q1184]

    • "ACE_Ballistics" editor mission used to generate ballistic tables for sight adjustment, FCS and wind deflection systems. [q1184]


    • Better position of the light source on M4 flashlights; added flashlight feature for
    • G3 RSAS [Robalo]
    • Improved M1911 ironsights [zGuba]
    • New cyclic animations for Little Birds [zGuba]

    • Removed sight adjustment from M72 [q1184]

    I would also like to point a few updates in previous changelogs that people probably would like to know about:
    Important Updates in ACE 1.10 RC1/RC2
    • Map zoom limited to 4 digit grids, changeable through missions (additional server config option next update) via ace_sys_map_minMapSize being set to 0 to allow maximum zoom defined by map. Removed single bushes/trees from map. Moved compass "legend" to lower right hand corner of map (instead of hidden in the upper left behind the menu). [Nou]
    • Background screen for gesture system by Mikhail [Xeno]
    • Calibrated PP-61 sight for BRDM-2, BTR-60, BTR-70 [q1184]
    • Mouse gesture for shoulder tab (left side screen from top to bottom) [Xeno]
    • Ruck changed local event [ted23p]
    • Russian RWR SPO 15 LM [rocko]
    • Allow script deploy fastrope. [Sickboy]
    • Automatically give RF battery to units if missing; RF battery auto-loaded for players [Robalo]
    • Digital compass indication for car drivers, gunners and wheeled APC crews (due to inaccessible 3D compass) [zGuba]
    • Mouse gesture system, currently only available for handsignals. Start with TAB key, make a mouse gesture, release key, refs #19232 [Xeno]
    • Sys_reticles: 3D recoil effect when looking through optics, front focal plane reticles, illumination on/off (shift-L), moving reticles for Russian sniper rifles. Enable in userconfig. [q1184
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    Re: Recent ACE Update Highlights
    Internal Fixes and Improvements.

    @CBA Mod stats (version, size etc) Bug Tracker Homepage API This is a 3rd ... Please see "Related" for cards tagged with
    Build 162. Updated to source:@de12a00ecd7cf236582835ab3989cf801f8d4aa3

    KEY_PARAM macro. by Muzzleflash. refs #23277 [Sickboy]
    Mission specialized macros (WIP). By Muzzleflash. refs #23277 [Sickboy]

    @ACE Mod stats (version, size etc) Bug Tracker API This is the Core Mod. Containing all Core Features. ... Please see "Related" for cards tagged with
    Build 501. Updated to source:@c391d406a194bd67bf688d265de33f82e3e1c59e

    3D craters for more vehicle types than just Tanks and Aircraft, fixes #23203 [rocko]
    Animated M240 static weapons [rocko]
    Damage textures for all mines in ACE to reflect mine condition [rocko]
    Default BIS AT mines can be submerged by players [rocko]
    Examine action only shown when ACE Woundingsystem is enabled [rocko]
    Extended AI engagement ranges (still based on weapon type and optics) [Robalo]
    Improved M86 PDM model [rocko]
    Increased passive AI soldier spotting (differs with training) [Robalo]
    Jet pilots are not able to carry primary weapons with them in the cockpit. Helicopter pilots still can carry a primary weapon (does NOT include rocket launchers, backpacks and machineguns - these are stored in a bag outside the aircraft), refs #19025 [rocko]
    M240 Statics can be reloaded by the gunner, fixes #20316 [rocko]
    MP and Respawn compatible catastrophic T7 destruction effects [rocko]
    Mine and MineE (BIS) are now converted into compatible mines. [rocko]
    New Russian bullets (7N10, 7N22, 7N23, thanks to *test* for the configs), fixes #22810 [Robalo]
    Roundcount can be disabled for certain units, check WAGN documentation for details, fixes #22264 [rocko]
    Static machineguns on high tripods can be interacted with to a certain degree (loading/unloading/rotating), fixes #23350 [rocko]
    WOB shortcut: press Shift + 1 again (or user-defined equivalent) to select rifle from back [Robalo]
    When ACE Wounding is enabled, AI throws smoke towards the closest known enemy before bandaging (probability can be changed with public variable ace_sys_wounds_smoke_probab, default is 0.4, set to 0 to disable) [Robalo]

    3D rets overlay showing when zooming on iron sight, fixes #22874 [Robalo]
    AI leaves empty CSW weapons, fixes #20303 [rocko]
    AI now reloads CSW magazines on its own, fixes #20049 [rocko]
    Dshkm zeroing when using sight adjustment, fixes #23234 [q1184]
    M1A2 TUSK loader bug, fixes #21941 [rocko]
    MFD not available for AH-6J DAGR/FLIR, fixes #23188 [rocko]
    Script error when initiating tank FCS in certain situations, fixes #23111 [q1184]
    Units again catch on fire if they are in a vehicle that catches on fire. [Nou]
    _state error caused by Wounds AIAttend fsm (thanks to Killswitch). [Sickboy]
    ACE main menu (options) is now compatible with CWR2 main menu. [Xeno]

    Disarming for all mines in ACE (Player & Editor placed), fixes #19081 [rocko]
    Fully animated M2/M4 Slam mines to distinguish between detonation modes [rocko]
    Minedetectors [rocko]
    New thermobaric (FAE) warhead FX [zGuba]
    Option to get out left or right from Car type vehicles, fixes #18499 [rocko]
    Possibility to dynamically reload vehicles (based on conKords balca_reloader), fixes #10039 [rocko]
    Possibility to exclude certain cargo types from being slingloaded, fixes #19201 [rocko]
    Rangeadjustment for M240 statics, fixes #19724 [rocko]

    @ACEX Mod stats (version, size etc) Bug Tracker This is the Extras mod. Please see "Related" for cards tagged with
    Build 340. Updated to source:@084507d49ab4f16e509a3b12b841efa9ac190452

    AH6-J DAGR/FLIR rocket smoke on both sides, fixes #18940 [rocko]

    MQ-8B, fixes #11589 [rocko]
    New models for M4A1 M203 Holo variants. Fixes #23419 [VKing]
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