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  • TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

    Hey guys!

    Just thought I'd make a quick post asking if anyone would be interested in courses covering the ACE Artillery system as well as proper radio procedure when dealing with indirect fire support requests.

    I've got both the Basic and Advanced classes already written up and ready to go and just wanted to get an idea of expected turnout. The classes would most likely be held on a weekend around 1200 EST (or 1700 GMT).

    The basic course will cover mostly just how to use the basics of the system. It would prepare a student to know how to use the system without much experience or knowledge with real life artillery.
    The Advanced course will cover proper communications, more advanced targeting systems, as well as forward observation and how to call in the fire missions.\

    More information can be listed if requested. Thanks!
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

    I would be interested. I have messed around quite a bit with the system but I am sure I could learn alot!

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      Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

      I'd definitely be interested.

      If you make a pin for it, can you give it to ytman, so he can award it to the poor fools who took his PR indirect fire course a few months back and are still waiting ;)

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        Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

        Hey ZephyrDark thanks for getting the TGU classes rolling again.

        I am somewhat familiar with the basic SOPs from Zedics, so if you could post the outline of both the advanced and basic classes that would be great.

        I ll most likely be there.
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          Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

          Hopefully this is what you were looking for Rambo. Now the information in Zedic's guide will only pertain to radio conduct and not proper fire mission request; however, the skills learned from the basic course should allow a player to engage a target with only grid and elevation information. The SOPs used in the Advanced course were taken from an actual US Army field manual on observation.

          Artillery Basic Overview:

          Main Objective:
          • To familiarize members of the Tactical Gamer ArmA2 community with the new, more realistic form of artillery operation offered by the ACE2 add-on, as used on the Bravo Server. This course is intended to teach enough information about this system to allow a player to properly operate the basics of the gun within a mission.

          This course will cover:
          • Battery setup
          • Target acquisition
          • Fire-mission calculation
          • Howitzer Alignment
          • Round preparation.

          Secondary lessons may include:
          • Basic map reading
          • Usage of the ACE Map Tools.

          • None

          Recommended Knowledge:
          • Contour Map Reading.
          • ACE Map Tools
          • Military Radio Conduct/Procedure (See Zedic’s Guide).

          Advanced Indirect Fire and Forward Observation - Overview:

          Main Objective: To further familiarize students of the Advanced Combat Enviroment (ACE) modification’s Artillery System. Students will also show an advanced understanding of fire-mission execution and forward observation.

          This course will cover:
          • Forward Observation
            • Vector-21B + Defense Advanced GPS Receiver(DAGR) Usage
            • Fire-mission Request
            • Battle Damage Assessment
          • Advanced Artillery Systems
            • Polar Targeting System
            • Advanced Battery Command Techniques
            • Advanced Munitions
              • M916 Base-Ejecting DPICM
              • M84A1 Base-Ejecting Smoke HC
              • M60A2 Bursting White Phosphorous Smoke
              • Advanced HE Fuze Settings

          • TGU Basic Artillery Course Completion
          • Basic Map Reading Skills (This will not be covered in this course!)
          • ACE Map Tools Knowledge (This will not be covered in this course!)
          Blackpython / ZephyrDark


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            Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

            Looks fantastic would love to be there.
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              Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

              Sweet, well, since I have at least four people interested, that'd be enough to get things going for at least one of each course.

              Watch this space for more information!
              Blackpython / ZephyrDark


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                Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

                I will sign up for this.


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                  Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

                  Count me in.


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                    Re: TGU - Interest in ACE Artillery

                    Yes pls
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