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  • ACE Artillery - Practice Grounds

    Hello everyone.

    At the request of many of the players who attended the TGU Course on the Basic operation of ACE Artillery, I have created a mission with more than enough ammo, slots for one fire team, and a bunch of targets for players to practice with the system.
    DL Link:
    Just place that file into your MPMissions folder in you ArmA2 install folder. (Your OA folder if you have the Steam version).

    Also, for those who have did not make the class, with collaboration with Unkl and possibly more people, there will be a video detailing the basic operation of the system.

    I will be making detailed written guide books on the systems as well; however, this will take time. I will still be running later instances of the Basic class as well the Advanced Indirect Fire and Forward Observation courses in the future.

    Right now I have set up a WIP Reference Guide for quick and easy use when it is needed. This guide is not very detailed, but allows one to get the basics down if they need a simple refresher.
    Google Docs Link

    Happy hunting!
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    Duper super awesome, thank you!

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      Re: ACE Artillery - Practice Grounds

      Looking forward to your completed version, Keep it up Python

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