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[GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

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  • [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

    Everyday it seems like we've got new players hopping into the game, now how we react to them joining can mean the difference between them becoming an active member or a disconnected player!

    Chapter 1: Communication

    Alrighty. We're going to start out with one of the basic rules of helping someone out: Communication!

    Here in ARMA, we have various things to help communicate with new players. But just to save time and make yours and their lives easier, get them into our TeamSpeak 3 channel.

    Here is how it should go.
    Inside ARMA:
    NewPlayer has joined.
    *Quick check to TS3 channel, notice NewPlayer isn't in it, and you haven't seen him here before!*
    Warrior types into side/global: "Hey NewPlayer, have you played at TG before?"
    NewPlayer types back: "no, i haven't"
    Warrior types: "Well, we've gotta get you started on a couple of quick things so that your time on our servers can be as fun as possible."
    NewPlayer types: "okay"
    Warrior types: Here, just so this can be easier, join our TeamSpeak:
    Pretty easy, eh? Notice how I was friendly and respectful? It might sound like a cheesy '80s PSA, but being friendly and respectful distinguishes us from other communities!

    Getting the NewPlayer into TeamSpeak will show him just how many games we play, how big of a community we are, and allow for direct communication.

    Chapter 2: Registration

    So you've gotten NewPlayer into TeamSpeak, time for him to get registered so he can move channels in TeamSpeak, and play the game.

    In TeamSpeak:
    NewPlayer has joined.
    Warrior: "Hey man, welcome to TG! I talked to you in ARMA. I just needed to pull you aside from the game to get you situated with our mods, and TeamSpeak!
    NewPlayer: "Alrighty."
    Warrior: "You'll notice in TeamSpeak the red questionmark beside your name. That means TS doesn't register you as a user. We put this up so we could keep track of UserGroups and Supporting Members. I'll need you to Register on our forums, but don't worry, it only takes a couple of minutes."
    NewPlayer: Alright.
    Warrior puts in this link into TeamSpeak's chat window:
    Warrior: "Click on the link I just put in chat, tell me if you got any problems when you register."
    Alright. Sweet! He's registered now. Easy as pie, right? Next step!

    Chapter 3: UniqueIDs

    Before NewPlayer can move around in TeamSpeak, we need to sync his UniqueID with

    Now this is the easy part.

    When you click on your name in TeamSpeak in the upper-right hand side of the window you'll notice your "Nickname" along with your countries pretty flag. Underneath that is a newfangled thing called a UniqueID.

    Tell him to copy that series of numbers and letters and paste it into this webpage.

    After that, he's ready to move onto Dredge's wonderful Hitchhiker's Guide to ARMA.

    Stay with him though, as he or she might have questions or concerns.

    Boom, TG has one new player, and you've got that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    If needed, I'll make revises and add on. But I'm to tired and need to eat.

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    Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

    Thanks Warrior, well done!


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      Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

      BZ, well done.

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        Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

        I know its a random question, but ACOG how come you are playing on Bravo no more?
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          Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

          Let's stay on topic pls.
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            Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

            Work/playing summer orchestra gigs/teaching/family vacation/band camps leaves me with very little time to play over the summer. I should be back up to steam sometime around mid to late August. Back to your regularly scheduled thread. :)

            "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein


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              Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

              Hey, Rambo leave him alone, someone has to keep working to pay for my Social Security checks. And I appreciate every penny guys, keep working.


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                Re: [GUIDE] Getting New Players Started.

                Nice post Warrior. We were all new once and need to remember the helping hands (yes, hands all over your sweet sweet... config files..) that helped you enter this lovefestival we call ARMAII. You receivith and thou should givith back to the community :)
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