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    MSO = Multi Session Operation
    This means that the mission is persistent and when you leave the mission one day & come back another you will only be able to slot in to the same position & will rejoin the mission exactly where you left off (providing you weren't killed in the meantime). No one else can take your slot when you are gone & you won't be able to change to any other slot either.

    How does this work?
    We will organize squads based on time zones. You will report in during your squads operation times & follow the orders from command or left by command. There are JIP markers that will be persistent as well so when you load back in the markers will be put in on your map. Only command may mark JIP markers.

    I'm on the server alone, is there anything I can do?
    Yes indeed. Perform recon, grab assets from main & transport them out to build up your squads FOB. Make sure you make a report of your actions & enemy positions in the After Action Report thread for this operation.

    What is the overall goal?
    Eliminate enemy presence in Chernarus & reinstate law & order for the civilians of the country. Yes, the whole mission area.

    More to follow. Do not post in this thread but keep it clear of discussion as more info will follow regarding AAR procedures, ACE Artillery info ect...
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    Re: MSO Event Official Info -

    More things to know about the MSO

    The premise: At the start of this mission BAF & USMC forces have set up and secured an airbase to operate from. We’re going to begin clearing operations for the entire area of Chernarus. The base will resupply weapons in crates, replace vehicles, and materials for construction of forward operating bases and Combat Outposts. The average timer for replenishing items & equipment is around 10 hours.

    Most vehicles will respawn on a day by day basis. So if you manage to lose your asset, it’ll be gone until 24 hours from the destruction point. Equipment will NOT respawn if it is lost in the field (abandoned), you will have to find it and either dispose of it or try to return it to base.

    ACE wounds are on. In order to run proper CASEVAC and rescue operations the timer has been set to 600 seconds. A warning to players: Poor Man’s Revive Punishment is ON. This means if you attempt to click “Respawn” on your ArmA 2 game menu while incapacitated, it will cause you to respawn at base unconscious and with a renewed life timer.

    The artillery system implemented in game is set up for the realistic ACE artillery. There are three (3) Howitzers, quite a bit of ammunition, and one battery computer system HMMWV. It is suggested NOT to move these assets from the base as they are difficult to set up in the field and will NOT respawn if lost.

    HESCO barriers, sand bag walls and other fortification structures can be dismantled and loaded into vehicles to take to your FOB. It is advised to load the equipment at least 50m from their spawn position to ensure the script will resupply the equipment.

    There is plenty of ammunition but it is not unlimited. Also, ACE crew served weapons have replaced the vanilla static weapons and are available from the crates.

    For repairs to vehicles there are 2 repair trucks available. Spare tires (tyres) are on and available in vehicles & more at base.
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