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[GUIDE] I'm in-game, now what?

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  • [GUIDE] I'm in-game, now what?


    Chapter 1: Basic Controls
    Chapter 2: ACRE Radios and you
    Chapter 3: Basic Needs
    Chapter 4: New Player Tactics
    Chapter 5: Other Guides to read

    I've been noticing a lot of new players on ArmA 2 here at TG, so I've decided to create an all inclusive Guide to playing the game, Including: A solid list of ACE and ACRE controls, A brief ACRE manual, basic tactics and a long list of links to other guides. Your best option of course is to join on Teamspeak (TS), and ask for help. Everyone here at TG ArmA 2, is very helpful and usually ready and willing to assist with any questions or needs that you may have. However, for those who learn by reading, here's a rather extensive guide, to get you started.

    For the sake of this guide, I will assume that you have successfully navigated your way through SIX updater, Teamspeak and the ArmA 2 Menus. for help on these topics mentioned see: Hitchhiker's Guide To ArmA 2 At TG and The "Everything You Need" Thread For TG ArmA 2

    As always, I offer to you, The TG Primer

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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Basic controls

    I will also assume that you know how to control your character effectively. If you are new to gaming in general, I suggest you go to the

    boot-camp in-game, from the main menu, to brush up on basic skills *note: some of the boot camp scenarios are broken when using ace, such as the armor and the attack chopper*

    As far as interacting with objects and players. I've heard it best put like this: if it's not in the scroll menu it's in the ACE menus and vice-verse.

    Here's a list of all the 'default' controls that are most commonly used:

    ArmA 2 2 (CO) (vanilla) controls: (A more complete controls list can be found in your game manual (i.e. C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 2)
    "*" Double-tap to toggle

    Lean left/right - Q/E*
    Reload - R
    Player Stats - I (if enabled in-game)
    Gear - G
    Step over - V (I suggest you set your TS key to "V" and bind 2x"C" to step over)
    Walk/Run - Left Shift*
    Free look - Left Alt*
    Binoculars - B
    Night Vision/thermals - N
    iron-sights/sights/scope - right mouse click

    ACE controls: (found here)

    AT Launcher - Adjust Sights Down: Down
    AT Launcher - Adjust Sights Up: Up
    Afterburner: CAPS LOCK
    Check Wind Direction/Speed: SHIFT + K
    Clear Weapons Jam: SHIFT + R
    CQB sights: SHIFT + F or NUMPAD "/"
    Flashlight - On/Off: L
    GL - Adjust Sights Down: Down
    GL- Adjust Sights UP: UP
    GL - Range Display: Shift + NUMPAD0
    Hand Grenade - Adjust Throw: SHIFT + H
    Interact With Person or Object: RIGHT WINDOWS
    Interact With Self: RIGHT APPLICATION (next to windows key)
    NVG - Brightness Down: PageDown
    NVG - Brightness Up: PageUP
    Panic sprint enable: NUM LOCK
    Rangefinder - Cycle Mil setting: ALT + R
    Rangefinder - Power On/Off: R
    Rangefinder - Replace battery: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R
    Thermal Imager - White: T
    Thermal Imager - Black: Shift + T
    Weapon - Adjust Sights: SHIFT + V
    Weapon - Bipod deploy: SHIFT + SPACE
    Weapon - Rest on object: SHIFT + SPACE

    map tools:
    Map Tools - Line Drawing - Begin - [
    Map Tools - Line Drawing - Delete - \
    Map Tools - Line Drawing - End - ]
    Map Tools - Ruler - Align - J
    Map Tools - Ruler - Place - H

    ACRE controls: (1.3.4) (you can find and edit the keys from the ...ARMA 2\USERCONFIG\ACRE\ACRE_KEYS.HPP)

    Interact (Radio Racks) - ALT + SHIFT + Q
    Interact Self - ALT + SHIFT + E
    Speak Local - (whatever you have bound in TS)
    Use Selected radio - Caps Lock (please unbind from your normal PTT key)
    Open Radio GUI - CTRL + SHIFT + X
    Cycle Radios forwards - CTRL + SHIFT + C
    Cycle Radios backwards - ALT + SHIFT + C
    Talk over radio 2nd radio - ALT + SHIFT + 2
    Talk over radio 3nd radio - ALT + SHIFT + 3
    Talk over your 4th radio - ALT + SHIFT + 4
    Spacial Settings:
    Both ears - CTRL + SHIFT + UP
    Left ear - CTRL + SHIFT + Left
    Right ear - CTRL + SHIFT + Right

    Few! that was rather exhastive! hopefully that will give you a pretty good Idea of all the advanced controls that are often left to be discovered in-game.
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      Chapter 2

      Chapter 2: ACRE Radios and you

      What is ACRE?
      The ACRE mod links ArmA 22 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio, real radio communications
      and complete compatibility with the ACE2 ArmA 22 project. It's designed to create the most realistic and immersive radio system within the current gaming world;
      based off of real life experience and knowledge, as well as the use of physical terrain obscuration, radio loss, distortion, and all other considers a real radio operator
      must make on a daily basis.

      any other radio than the AN/PRC 343, can adjust the power, and since, at the moment, there isn't any battery life to the radios, you should always turn up the power:

      148: open radio >> mode button 2x >> down arrow once (it should read Cur: 100 New: 5000) >> press "ent" (don't close the radio until you save the settings)
      >> close radio.

      the AN/PRC 119 can certainly look intimidating but it's actually quite simple to change power. Just open the radio and... voila!

      117: the 117 is slightly more complicated, and you must be aware that each channel has it's own power setting (148 & 119 have universal power modes)
      1. Press the PGM button, or 8.
      2. Select the channel you wish to change the power by pressing < or >
      3. Once selected, press ENT
      4. Use < and > to move to the POWER menu. It should be blinking.
      5. Press ENT again, and the current power and desired new power should be displayed.
      6. Press < and > to change the power
      7. Press ENT to save.

      Links to Radio Overview/operations/Manuals:
      Basic operations
      Radio Manuals

      Aside from Learning how to use the radios, you also must be aware of the basic radio protocol:

      Zedic's Radio Procedure Guide
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        Chapter 3

        Chapter 3: Basic Needs

        All missions are different, but if you can grab these items they're a must have:
        • Earplugs
        • Smoke
        • AN/PRC 343 (should already have in most cases)
        • A GUN!!!
        • ammo for your pea-shooter
        • 2x epinephrine
        • 2x morphine
        • 2x bandage

        Most everything else is on a individual needs basis depending on your role and the mission. Something very important to keep in mind though is that every item just
        weighs a little bit more. I used to carry as much as I could possibly need and more. This, of course, was inefficient. Sure it's cool when you get to play with
        "convenient" gadgets, it just weighs you down. you current load weight can be found at the very top of your gear menu, and is measured in kilograms. I've found that
        a good range is anywhere between 18kg and 38 kg. However, you must remember that the more you take, the faster you lose your breath, the worse your aim will
        be and the slower you will run.
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          Chapter 4

          Chapter 4: New Players Tactics

          I can put it as simple as this: Follow your Squad/Fireteam leader, and do what he says.

          Chapter 4.1:Once on the ground
          if you "join in progress", and there's no-one where you spawn.
          Start by finding an ammo box and get your load-out ready (Chapter 3).
          Next, Temporarily grab the longest range radio possible (Chapter 2), and try to get in touch with someone in charge.
          If there's a flag nearby, try walking up to it and see if you can teleport anywhere.

          Chapter 4.2:CONTACT!
          1. Report contact (Direction, type of contact, distance, location (e.g. top of hill), # of contacts, state of contact (safe, aware, engaging, etc.).
          2. If the enemy is shooting, find the direction and engage (unless "weapons Red", or ordered to fallback)
          3. Find Cover
          4. Wait for orders

          Chapter 4.3:Medic system

          ch.4.3.1: Your hit
          There's only so much you can do when your shot. if your hit pretty hard, you might only have a few seconds before you pass-out and lose your ability to talk. So as
          soon as a bullet lands on you report it, with your name, and location (if possible). If you are still conscious, you need to let your medic know, because he might
          already be dealing with someone worse off than you. As you are being healed, you can use your mouse to look left and right, and fire at things, but you need to
          make sure that you are not moving around more than that, while the medic is patching you up, otherwise, you will waste whatever supply the medic was using at the
          time, and in turn frustrate your medic. Note that when someone is healing you, they use your supplies first, then their own.

          ch.4.3.2: someone else is hit
          Most importantly, don't get shot because you were distracted by your fallen comrade. As soon as you can, report your downed buddy. If there's other people
          engaging, and you have ample cover fire, secure the injured. You can, use the ACE interaction menu to select to drag unconscious players. If the scene is safe,
          immediately (unless you're the medic), examine the patient, and start CPR. Although Epi does add time to the patient, CPR is your first line of defense. More
          information on responding to casualties can be found here:
          Markolh's Guide to Casualties treatment in Arma 2

          The medic system itself is broken down into 3 basic parts
          1. Bleeding
          2. Pain
          3. Consciousness

          ch.4.3.3: Bleeding
          Bleeding can occur from being shot, run over, falling and various other problems. It range from minor bleeding that can be stopped by yourself. If it gets to serious,
          a medic can use a compress (which is basically three bandages). You can always tell your bleeding by either observing the red pulsating ring,
          around the edges of the screen, or by using the ACE interaction self menu and check to see there's any wounds that need treated.

          ch.4.3.4: Pain
          The next tier of injuries, is pain. It can easily be treated using morphine. It can easily be identified by a pulsating white ring around the edge of
          the screen. Although it might not seem too crucial at the moment, it is a major threat if it goes unnoticed, as it will eventually make you pass out.

          ch.4.3.4: Consciousness
          when someone goes down, they'll only have a very limited amount of lifetime before they bleed out and die. This is the last and most crucial phase of injuries. As a
          medic, people with these symptoms need to be treated first.
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            Chapter 5

            Chapter 5: Other Guides to read

            if you really get into the game, the Tactical Gamer University occasionally puts on some really well done instructional classes.

            I've listed here a list of other guides and sources that are really handy. Not necessary to the game, but they may certainly improve your game:

            The most extensive tactics guide is the: Dslyecxi's ArmA2 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide.
            Here is a CAS/JTAC manual: Close Air Support Manual V 1.0.
            The ACE homepage is filled with facts and features.
            once again, here's the ACRE Radio Manuals.
            Blackpython's ACE Artillery Manual

            I hope that you enjoyed this beginners manual to ArmA 2, enjoy your stay here at TG, and I'll be seeing you in the field!

            Thank you for reading,
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                Re: [GUIDE] I'm in-game, now what?

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