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Getting Installed & Started with TG Arma2: Combined Operations

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  • [GUIDE] Getting Installed & Started with TG Arma2: Combined Operations

    Getting Installed & Started with TG Arma2: Combined Operations

    This guide is written in a structure to walk you through your first install to get you onto both the Alpha & Bravo servers. In that mindset, installation & configuration will come first followed by updating and additional information. In game help wil be a subject for other guides.


    1) Getting Arma2 and Arma2:OA installed as Combined Operations
    1-1) Basics
    1-2) BattlEye

    2) Server - Bravo
    2-1) Getting correct TS3 Version
    2-2) Getting Six Updater Installed
    2-3) ACE Configuration & Information
    2-4) ACRE Configuration & Information

    3) Additional Information
    3-1) Keeping updated with Six Updater
    3-2) (Optional) Launching into Bravo with Six including additional apps and mods.
    3-3) TGMaps Content
    3-4) Additional Mods - How to, the risks & the TG way

    1. Getting Arma2 and Arma2:OA installed as Combined Operations
    1-1) Basics
    First of all ArmA2 and ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead are two stand alone games that can be run as one: ArmA2: Combined Operations. It is required to have both working as a single game to play on servers run by

    Now if you bought both versions from the same place (Steam, CD installers at a store, ect...) you should have no problem getting the game to run as Combined Operations. We will be using different methods to launch this game as we go. First we will get things set up for our vanilla server, Alpha, and then move on to the modded servers later.

    The only time this process gets more difficult is if you have Arma2 from one source and Arma2:OA from another and they have installed into two different folders in your Program Files (i.e. one under Bohemia Interactive and one under Steam). In this case, when you set up either of the launching programs we will use (Arma II Launcher, Six Updater) make sure you tell them where to find the files for both games.

    If you have just installed both games make sure you run each of them at least once and you can shut it down at the main menu. This will write registry entries that are important.
    This is something you will have to do again after running the BIS patches as they are released!

    If you have the Steam version of the game then it will automatically download the patches and apply them for you. For any other source for the games, you can get the patches from the BIS repository here.

    1-2) BattlEye
    A quick note about BattlEye on TG servers. We use BattlEye on the servers and if your client is out of date you will get kicked. For most people this means that you simply rejoin and you should have been automatically updated. If this is not the case then you will have to update yourself by downloading the BattlEye client.

    2. Server - Bravo
    2-1) Getting the correct TS3 Version
    We are currently running TeamSpeak 3 version: 3.0.5. If you are running an older version you must first update your TS to this version. It is not recommended to update TS until the ArmA Admin’s announce that it is compatible with our current version of Acre.

    TeamSpeak 3 version: 3.0.5

    Make sure you run the installer “as administrator” and also get in the habit of doing so every time you launch the TS3 client.

    Tip: You can set a program to always run as administrator if you find it's executable and right click on it, choose "Properties". Then find the check box for "Always run as administrator". I do this for my Arma2.exe, & Arma2OA.exe too.


    If you have updated your TS3 version ahead of the Bravo server’s configuration and you have to roll it back, follow these steps!

    1. Open Control Panel & find “Uninstall” or “Remove Programs”. In the list of programs find “Advanced Combat Radio Environment” and uninstall it.

    2. Then in the same window, uninstall “TeamSpeak 3”. It will ask you if you want to remove old profiles and you should be able to choose to keep your old bookmarks.

    3. Follow the install procedure from above & you will get ACRE from Six Updater.
    2-2) Getting Six Updater Installed
    Six Updater will download and install all the mods you will need for the Bravo server and will keep them up all up to date!


    From what I remember, the Six Updater installer pretty much will find your game directories. If your installation is especially funky you may need to point it in the right direction. Six Updater will install itself and auto-update. When it is done we will begin setting up for the Bravo server mods.

    1. Go to the homepage tab, click on communities just under the six logo and scroll down to the 9th community to find Click the YML address (check picture).

    2. This will create a new Bravo server preset and you will see a Bravo server preset to the far left panel.

    3. Make sure you have checked the beta box at the top (check picture).

    4. You should now see Jayarma2lib,@Jayarma2lib_new,@TGmaps,Expansion/beta, all the @ACE mods, and @ACRE.

    5. Open Options by clicking the small blue tab, located upper left corner of Six. Look for the servermod box near bottom and clear that of "servermods" if there. Click ok or save.

    6. Now look for green button or tab titled "Sync with SU portal. Click Run Ping Test.

    7.After that runs, you are ready to download.

    8. Click the Bravo preset title. Then right click, go to updater actions, choose convert manually installed mods.

    9. When that process is finished follow same steps as above, but now choose Install or update mods.

    10. This will take some time, so relax go get a drink or whatever.

    11. Now all the little tiles to the left of the mods for Bravo server should be green except for @Jayarma2lib which will remain black.

    12. Near the end a white box will appear and ask for permission to load plugins for Teamspeak. This would be a good time to close Teamspeak before clicking yes for that.

    I am sorry, you thought you were done.

    13. Now you can create an Icon just for the Bravo server (recommended). Follow step #8 and choose create icon, choose create-execute-shutdown at bottom and at top of next box that opens. You can rename it to BRAVO or TGBRAVO whatever you choose.

    14. Now go to the top of Six and your will see four titles--Home--Preset--Game Profile--Server. You should already be looking at Home. In the middle, there are 3 long boxes titled Preset-Profile-Server. We are only going to go to the far right of the Profile box and click the little black button and choose A2 OA Combined Arms (forced) (check first picture)

    15. Now, going back to the top of Six, click the Preset tab and in the box named profile make sure A2 OA Combined Arms (forced) is listed. If not look for that little black button to the right as above and you know what to choose.

    16. Going back to the top of Six, click the Game Profile tab. Here you can put Check marks in no splash-no pause-no filepatching-skip intro and further to the right you can type the word empty in the world box. Also to the far left you can put your player profile in.

    That is all you have to do for now to beable to enter the Bravo server at Tacticalgamer.

    Now close out SixUpdater, double click the Icon on your desktop for the Bravo server.

    Six will start up, it will check mod status, it will now start the game and Six will auto shut down so as not to be running in the background.

    2-3) ACE Configuration & Information
    Advanced Combat Environment - ACE mod has a whole lot of custom keys for interaction and controls.
    The easiest way to get them set up is to run the Aceclippi.exe tool. It will run in the background as you play the game and save your ACE control changes on the fly. We used to have to edit a text file while out of the game.


    It is located in the “@ACE” folder in your ArmA2:OA game directory. If you are running Win7, it is advisable to “run as administrator”.

    When you first run the ACE clippi tool you need to direct it to your in-game profile. Click on “Change manual options”. Then just to the right of the text “Select your identity” should be a drop down box, click it & choose your in-game name from the list. Click save & you are done. The rest is done in game.

    In the game press escape and you will have an new menu item to configure ACE controls.
    2-4) ACRE Configuration & Information
    Advanced Combat Radio Environment - ACRE is for simulating real world radio usage and 3D directional voice sounds. The first thing you need to do once you have ACRE installed is a push to talk key in TS3 if you don’t already have one set up.

    The next thing you need to do is disable your VON & push to talk keys in ArmA2.

    The reason for these changes is in how ACRE works. Your TS push to talk key will get you talking to the people in your vicinity (i.e. direct coms). It is directional and somewhat dependent on the volume you speak at as to how it “projects”. Something my neighbors aren’t too happy about at 2am. Your caps-lock key will key your radios. All in-game voip is basically forbidden on Bravo as it would circumvent ACRE. So are the text chat functions.

    Now your keys are configured and your ready to get in-game!

    3. Additional Information
    3-1) Keeping updated with Six Updater
    So now when you want to check for updates you launch Six Updater. The Six Updater program itself is often updated so don’t be alarmed if you find it going through an uninstall/install process of it’s own. Just say yes.

    When a dialog box pops up asking if you want to remove old profiles say no!

    Now there is a button to sync with the SU Portal. This will check for updated mods and notify you of anything out of date on your machine.

    If an update is required then right click on the Bravo preset on the left pane & choose, "Updater actions, Install or update". Sit back and you will download and apply the required updates. When the screen looks as pictured above, you are ready to play.
    3-3) TGMaps Content
    TGMaps is a collection of content for Arma2:CO that is common to all who will play on the Bravo server. This is to simplify getting custom content to players who wish to join us. Here is a list of what is included:

    ShacTac Hud
    ShacTac Movement
    Disabled smoke launchers for vehicles
    Terrain: Updated Lingor 1.337 (now including Lingor units)
    Terrain: Fallujah
    Terrain: Clafghan
    Terrain: Celle
    Buildings: MBG_Killhouse Addon
    Units: SpecOps, Mercs, BlackOps and OpFor units by Schnapsdrosel
    Mod: EOD mod for dynamic IED's, detection and much more.
    Vehicle: MRAP vehicle to counter IEDs
    Vehicle: RQ-11 Raven is a drone for a remote camera

    The ShacTac mods have one that shows where your group is in relation to you (@sthud) and the other reduces collisions when going through doorways and the like (stmovement). The disabled smoke launchers for vehicles is to prevent server crashes due to bugs created in the mulitplayer use of these items. Lingor is a fantastic jungle terrain with a really good mix of hills, mountains, water, towns, a lot of variation.

    Content is typically voted by the membership on the forums. Maps are added based on proposals by our in house mission developers and then put to the forums for vote. Other content can be added by admins for events and such.

    3-4) Additional Mods - How to, the risks & the TG way.
    Using Six Updater is is easy to add updated mods to your install. But before you do you should be aware of a few things.

    Using mods that are not standard across the server increases the likelyhood of conflicts. This can range from bugs to outright server crashing. This is why when we run an event, the mods allowed are posted in advance.

    There are client side mods many people run from sound mods to digital HUD compass and the like. Some people like to dance, some like to get extra functionality that doesn’t really belong. So, we don’t really have a hard & set rule as to what client side mods are ok or not. But, it is expected that you choose any additional content in keeping with the TG Primer & SOP for TG ArmA.
    Installing additional mods with Six Updater
    Lets say you want to add ShacTac Hud to your installation so you can run it on Alpha. Simple. Open Six Updater and first we will create a preset for Alpha.

    Now if you don’t see “ - ALPHA [OA 1.59]” show up under the “Server Browser” tab, do the following. To the right of the “Import Server” button is a little green button. Click it to update the list of servers. On the far right side of the window click in the filter box “Server Name” and type “” then press enter. You should now see the TG ArmA2 servers listed in the middle pane. Right click on it and choose “New preset with server”.

    Now you will see a preset in the left pane for Alpha server. Select it and you will see this:

    If you do not see @CBA in the preset you can find it under the “Mods’ tab, right click on it and “Add to preset”.

    Now click on the “Mods” tab. Scroll down to find @sthud and @stmovement in the list. Right click on the
    @sthud and choose "Updater actions, Convert to Six Updater". When that is done, then Right click on it and choose "Updater actions, Install or update". When that is done repeat for @stmovement.

    Now you just have to add these mods to the preset by right clicking & choosing “Add preset to server”.
    Now you can launch into the Alpha server running these client side mods with Six Updater.

    There we have it. Enjoy getting into the servers!
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    Re: Getting Installed & Started with TG Arma2: Combined Operations


    Now Fallujah is ready to be added using Six Updater. Here's how....

    When you open Six Updater, click on the blue drop down box on the top left side & choose "Options". Under "Paths", remove all text from the "servermods" path and click "Ok".

    You should now be able to update @TGMaps to the correct folder.
    Now we can "Install or Update" the Bravo preset!
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      Re: Getting Installed & Started with TG Arma2: Combined Operations

      I have a mod folder that isn't turning green.
      First there are a few folders that will stay black. In the Bravo server this is the @CBA_A2 @CBA_OA folders & in Alpha the @zai as well.
      If you have a required folder that isn't updating (green) then follow the steps in "I want to add a client side mod to my mod set." from above in this post.

      I want to add an application to run when I launch the game from Six Updater.
      Easy to do.
      1. Select the "Apps" tab in the right pane.
      2. Click the "New App" button on the top left of the right pane.
      3. A new blank line appeared in the left pane. Click in the blank square under "Path" for your new app. A file browser window will pop up. Browse to the executable you want to run such as "aceclippi.exe" for an example. Then select "Open".
      4. Now check the "Autolaunch?" box to the right of the application path & it will now run when you launch the game from Six Updater.
      I have a Steam install & I'm getting errors about missing content such as "CA_wheeled...".
      If you look at the top of Six Updater & on the right side there is some info such as "Edition: A2 Op. Arrowhead (Combined Ops)".
      1. If the Edition doesn't say Combined Ops this is the problem. Shut down any version of your game. Then run vanilla Arma2 with your steam shortcut. Once at the games main menu screen shut it down. Then run vanilla Operation Arrowhead and shut it down.
      2. Restart your Six Updater & if the edition is not showing "Combined Ops" then you should find some help in the TS3 Arma help channel.
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