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TG: ArmA2 Community Census/Poll Pt. 1

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  • TG: ArmA2 Community Census/Poll Pt. 1

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    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    Re: TG: ArmA2 Community Census/Poll Pt. 1

    Statements from Poll:

    In your own words, describe what you think ArmA2 here at is all about.
    Tactical, fun and realistic gameplay with a serious community.
    A well played mission where teamwork and mission completion with the least amount of casualties mean more than kills and herp derping.
    A more mature playing environment with elements of tactical gameplay
    1. surviving a mission, with limited casualties, through teamwork, communication, coordination, proper allocation of resources, professionalism and good leadership. 2. accomplishing goals through same ideals as "1". and... 3. Having fun playing a game.
    Having fun by working as a team to complete an objective, not always blowing something up or killing all enemies but the OBJECTIVE
    I havent been a member very long at all, but i must say there are a few select members that have made my desire to find a realistic tactical style of play a reality, thank you!
    It is about enjoying the game through a medium; TG server.
    With like minded players. In this particular case, TG ARMAs mentality of SOPs which is a level down from the TG Primer.
    Having fun, playing tactically, trying for a good level of realism. Simple as.
    Teamwork. Milsim. Fun. In that order.

    Teamwork - This is essential to any mission and greatly enhances everyone's immersion and enjoyment.
    Milsim - ARMA is a milsim, it should be played as such. Goofing off on Domi once in a while is fine if no one truly wants to get their ARMA on. But the majority of the time should see the server working as a unit and achieving something.
    Fun - No one plays games to be miserable. Games are for having fun and enjoying one's self. While everyone has a different idea what fun is, this does not mean open season retardery.
    Atm, I dont have any clear opinions what is it about, but it definately doesnt feel like a flagship game of TG.
    Logistics, chain of command, fire and maneuver, realism.
    It's about having a good time with mature people doing what is needed for this game so our time together is rich and fullfilling for all.
    I'm not sure, I haven't been able to play ARMA in a long time. Every night the server only seems to have a few people in it. And I haven't seen anything other than Domi in as long either.

    I don't hate Domi, but I think it takes an extra strong leader to corral people into working as a team with the added distraction of Domi's toys and its freeform nature. Usually I see much less teamwork and organization during Domi than on almost any coop mission.

    Coupled with what seems to be an influx of new players, relative to me, who I've heard actively dismiss TG Bravo's emphasis on realism and teamwork, I've been recently unhappy with how things are on the server and hopeful that PR or something will bring in some new players who are interested in working effectively as a team.
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