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Tonight CO82 debacle

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  • Tonight CO82 debacle

    My computer just crashed as I tried to get to assassin1 and bandit1.....I apologize for the CF that was tonight, I know it is not fun to do what the troops on the ground had to do. I apologize and hope that the next time works a little better....actually ALOT better!

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    Re: Tonight CO82 debacle

    The main problem was that everyone was spread out all over the place. I think everyone should have done like me and fino, and simply pressed the respawn button after our chopper got shot down, or maybe even at the beginning. That would have avoided 40 minutes of doing nothing.

    I know its possible to have great fun on that mission with only a few people, since I've done it before.
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      Stuff happens. Specially when the mission is complex and didn't have a decent briefing.
      Also being on that late for some would test their patience more than other time of day/night.

      You've been combo punched by ARMA Jack. Happens to the best of us.

      But great fun on previous missions today.

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        Re: Tonight CO82 debacle

        We all have those days Jack. No worries!

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