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ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

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  • [INFO] ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

    Hey guys,

    Recently, people have been having trouble cycling their radios, checking their radio list, wondering why their AN/PRC-119 doesn't work on PA mode, and about what these "vehicle racks" are. So I just thought it'd be a good idea to post a notice stating whats going on with it.

    ACRE Changelog: (More info below the quote box!!!)
    -- 1.3.7 --
    * Added: Preparation class definitions for different antenna's and powers in vehicles (not implemented yet)
    * Changed: PA mode removed from AN/PRC-119. It now sucks compared to the 117F in all respects.
    * Fixed: Signal code was running faster than it should have, causing FPS lag @ greater than 60 players.
    !!!!!!!!* Fixed: ArmA2 has a engine bug for positions at a distance, causing signal loss.
    This is now fixed. We manually propigate our positions, so signals now always work
    when distances are greater than 5km. Yay ArmA2 bug workarounds.
    * Fixed: There was a small chance that you would start a mission and radios would disappear.
    * Fixed: When you "stopped using" a vehicle rack radio, it would break for a mission.

    -- 1.3.6 --
    * Changed: Death and spectating completely revamped. Again. Fixes death blip and spectating bugs.
    * Fixed: RPT antenna error. Fixes #153
    * Fixed: Parachutes had VRC's. Fixes #150
    * Fixed: Vehicle racks would stop working after certain amounts of time. Fixes #152
    * Fixed: When you died inside a vehicle or respawned, you would still have the radio after respawn.

    -- 1.3.5 --
    * Changed: Removed ACRE version popup error in TS3
    * Fixed: Your radio would not work when you respawned with it and a vehicle rack radio. Fixes #137
    * Fixed: Retransmission was not working under some circumstances.
    * Fixed: Unmounting a radio while using it didn't get handled properly.
    * Fixed: isKindOfRadio/hasKindOfRadio fixed (again, sorry). Fixes #140
    * Fixed: Trying to mount a radio while already using one caused a script error. Fixes #141
    * Fixed: You can now only "Use Radio" once at a time on a radio. Fixes #143
    * Fixed: setSpectator did not work. Fixes #128

    -- 1.3.4 --
    * Fixed: Divide by zero error when broadcasting to someone inside your own vehicle
    * Fixed: Death blip should be gone a bit
    * Fixed: Forced CPU Affinity within the TS3 process when ACRE is loaded. Should reduce crashes.
    * Fixed: Handling of Teamswitching should be working now

    -- 1.3.3 --
    * Added: Russian version of documentation
    * Added: V2 Signatures
    * Changed: You can no longer open a radio in a vehicle rack unless you use it first
    * Changed: Virtual rack radios (tanks/aircraft) are no longer "takable"
    * Changed: Performance and code initialization changes
    * Fixed: Sometimes, on first island load on a dedicated server, radio's would disappear
    * Fixed: Vehicle rack speakers wern't attenuating correctly
    * Fixed: Opening radios via the interact without closing others would break radios.
    * Fixed: ACE/ACRE interacts would sometimes not initialization on mission start

    -- 1.3.2 --
    * Fixed: JIPs would sometimes hear people as global. A lot.
    * Fixed: onvehicleinit script error
    * Fixed: ACE radios were borked

    -- 1.3.1 --
    * Changed: When using a rack radio, it now becomes your active radio
    * Fixed: Random game hang/crashes
    * Fixed: the dead menu showed up when you were alive
    * Fixed: radio speakers now work again
    * Fixed: Virtual radios in vehicles would sometimes show frequency any
    * Fixed: Volume on the 343 did not work
    * Fixed: JIP players would be global sometimes
    * Fixed: Other random bugs and crap
    -- 1.3.0 --

    * Added: TS3 now has a configuration dialog which allows controlling global radio volume for your client
    * Changed: updated for latest ts3 version fixing the constant error message
    * Changed: Signal code re-worked. Overall terrain detection should be more accurate (no more mystery hills)
    * Changed: Vehicle racks do not have a "open radio" button anymore
    * Fixed: Various vehicle rack bugs
    * Fixed: retrans function rxmtAttachToObj now works properly
    * Fixed: Sometimes the client would stutter with > 50 players
    * Fixed: "Over water" volume bug (also known as the carrier bug)
    * Removed: cntrl+shift+v for radio list has now been disabled. Use the ACRE Interact menu

    -- 1.2.11 --
    * Added: Vehicle racks are now fully implemented. See for details
    * Added: Vehicle racks now support "speaker mode" for other people to hear them
    * Added: Players dead, or in "spectate" mode, now get a self interaction for modifying spectator mode settings
    * Added: api functions. acre_api_fnc_getDisplayName, acre_api_fnc_rack_mountRadio
    * Fixed: Ace "on-back" was broken again (
    * Fixed: Turned in/out attenuation for LAV-25's fixed. dumb animation names (
    * Fixed: Bradley's now have proper cargo compartment attenuation
    * Fixed: Vodnik gunners were perma-turned out, but had turned in attenuation
    * Fixed: startSpeaking didnt trigger on channel change (
    * Fixed: hasKindOfRadio didn't work (
    Now the main things to note are:
    • Vehicle Racks
    • AN/PRC-119 No PA mode
    • ACRE Interaction Keys implemented
    • Keybindings changed

    What are the new key bindings?
    The new keybindings are as follows:
    • Alt + Shift + Q : ACRE Interaction
    • Alt + Shift + E : ACRE Self-Interaction
    • Ctrl + Shift + A : Cycle Radio List Backwards
    • Ctrl + Shift + S : Cycle Radio List Forwards

    The Radio List previously found on the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + V is now located within the ACRE Self-Interaction Menu, as well as the ability to raise and lower you headset (which is useful while within vehicles where that option is not on the Action(Scroll) menu.

    What are vehicle racks?
    A vehicle rack is a mount that a player is able to use in order to increase the range of their radio, that radio being an AN/PRC-148 radio. Currently, only CAR types have it. Many ARMOURED and AIR vehicle classes have built in AN/PRC-117F for the crew to use.

    How do I access this vehicle rack?
    To access a vehicle rack, one must first know the new key bindings. Once one does, one must press ALT + SHIFT + Q on the respective vehicle. This will open up a new dialogue box (just like the ACE Interaction menus). There one will see something along the lines of AN/VRC-101 or similar. This is the vehicles radio rack. Click on the rack and from there you will see Mount Radio. One will need their AN/PRC-148 in order to mount a radio. Once the radio is mounted, one can then use the ACRE Interaction menu to Use the radio, turn on the speaker, or take the radio from the rack. The speaker allows anyone in or near the respective vehicle to hear radio transmissions going on on the channel set on the radio within the vehicle. The Speaker properly attenuates while inside and outside of the vehicle just like if someone was talking directly from the vehicle. Players may also use the radio from outside of the vehicle as if using an handset for the radio.

    On armoured and air type vehicles, players are still able to access their radio rack; however, they will not need to mount a radio to the vehicle. Most armoured and air type vehicles have a built in radio that they can use in any of the driver, gunner, and commander slots. These radios cannot have a speaker turned on nor can they be removed from the vehicle nor used outside of the vehicle.

    Why isn't my AN/PRC-119 working on PA mode, no one can hear me and I can't hear them.
    That is because the ACRE Devs removed the 119's PA ability and replaced it with the built in AN/PRC-117Fs and the AN/PRC-148 Mounted in a vehicle rack. These radios have near the same signal strength as the old AN/PRC-119 PA mode.

    Quote from ACRE Tracker.idi site:
    Power Modes: 400mW(Lo), 2200mW(Med), 4000mW(Hi)

    Power Modes: 100mW - 5000mW

    Power Modes: 1000mW - 20000mW
    Looking at the power levels, this effectively makes the 148 better than the 119; however, the antennas may have some differences in them effecting their efficiency. (Plus the 119 is old as heck, it has to be worse :P)

    Also heres a quote from the Acre Idi-Systems Wiki on the 119 vs the 148
    Radio Set Classname Antenna(s)
    AN/PRC-148 VHF ACRE_PRC148 1.2 Meter VHF Antenna
    AN/PRC-148 UHF ACRE_PRC148_UHF 14" UHF Antenna
    AN/PRC-119 ACRE_PRC119 1.2 Meter VHF Antenna
    AN/PRC-117F ACRE_PRC117F 1.2 Meter VHF Antenna, 13" UHF Antenna
    What this says is the length of each of the radio's antenna. The 148 VHF (Default 148) has the same length of antenna as the 119. Effectively making the 148 have 1000mW more power capable than the 119, and in ArmA since radio's don't have batteries, that makes it a better radio (The 148 that is).

    Also, a quote explaining the VHF and UHF differences:
    Military radio frequencies for Western forces fall in the VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) bands. For the purposes of ACRE this is from 30Mhz to 512Mhz.

    VHF antennas tend to be longer, since the wavelength of these frequencies is larger than those of UHF antennas. UHF antennas can be much shorter. This means that the VHF version of the AN/PRC-148 will get better reception in the lower frequency bands (30Mhz-120Mhz) than the UHF version will.
    So if you're operating on lower freqs use the VHF version, if on higher freqs (120Mhz+) its better to be using the UHF version.
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    Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

    Also if the keys don't work for you (for me they didn't) you have to go to six updater and fix your userconfigs (process is same as install and update except it is a diff option).

    Thanks for the info btw.
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      Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

      Even more reason for me to keep forcing you guys to use 119s, because sometimes comms suck in war.


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        Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

        NAO THIRD HAS TO LEARN NEW KEY BINDS?! I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW TO WALK AND TALK !!!! ;) Hopefully the changes makes sense when i start using shortly....

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          Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

          So, what if Ctrl + Shift + Q (or E, etc.) have never done anything for me in game?

          By the way, according to it's Alt + Shift + Q (which also does nothing for me), not Ctrl + Shift + Q

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            Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

            It is Alt-Shift-E/Q apologies, if an admin can fix that it'd be great!
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              Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

              !!!!!!!!* Fixed: ArmA2 has a engine bug for positions at a distance, causing signal loss.
              This is now fixed. We manually propigate our positions, so signals now always work
              when distances are greater than 5km. Yay ArmA2 bug workarounds.
              I wonder if this is why I couldn't call for an evac on my 117 on a prison break mission two nights ago...or if it really was the hill I was on.

              * Fixed: There was a small chance that you would start a mission and radios would disappear.
              Yay! No more random squad members missing their 119s when a we're on a mission. :)

              Can I still use the ALT + LSHIFT + # to switch radios?

              So CTRL + LSHIFT + X no longer self-interacts with the 119?
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                Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note

                Thanks for the explanation!


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                  Clippi couldn't fix my key binds, but six updater did. Yay. The update config files option on the server context menu did the trick.

                  Ctrl shift x still opens your radio.
                  Ctrl shift c had been replaced by alt shift a and alt shift s.
                  Ctrl shift v has been replaced by a menu option inside alt shift e.

                  Currently, it seems...
                  Alt shift e is ONLY used for lowering/raising your headset, and opening your list of radios.
                  Alt shift q is ONLY used fit interacting with vehicles. Although I guess it might also work for using other people's radios. I didn't have anyone around to try it out when I finally got the keys working :)

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                    Re: ACRE 1.3.7 Changelog + Important Things to Note


                    Please update your ARMA with SixUpdater

                    ACE version 1.12 RC1
                    ACRE version 1.3.11

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