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  • Sprockett Games Big Sale

    I received this email tonight from Sprocket Games. For those not aware of it, Sprocket is owned by BIS and the games are digital downloads. I bought Arma 2 at store but everything else from Sprocket.

    The SprocketIdea summer sale is under way on This offer will be available from Friday 19th August to Thursday 23rd August, so don't delay, buy now!

    Arma 2 -70%
    Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead -50%
    Arma 2: Combined Operations -50%
    Arma 2: British Armed Forces -50%
    Arma 2: Private Military Company -50%
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    Damn you Chief, ya beat me to it. :)

    I too got Operation Arrowhead from Sprocket.

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      Re: Sprockett Games Big Sale

      Thanks been trying my hardest to get my mate to buy arma this might just make him get it..


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        Tell him he gets to hear unkl's voice. Mmmm... If that won't convince him, I don't know what will.

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          Re: Sprockett Games Big Sale

          Originally posted by Deadly Dave View Post
          Thanks been trying my hardest to get my mate to buy arma this might just make him get it..
          Have him come on TS and we can each take turns in convincing him he needs to get Arma 2. :) Besides, that deal list above is really good.
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            Re: Sprockett Games Big Sale

            That, and add to the fact that those who have not gotten the DLC and do not want to look at low res models any more has no excuses! :)

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              Re: Sprockett Games Big Sale

              Is pla addon worth getting only one I don't have?


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                Re: Sprockett Games Big Sale

                I bought a copy of Combined Arms just incase I have to reinstall down the road.




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