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[ACE/ACRE] Notable Updates and Changes

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  • [INFO] [ACE/ACRE] Notable Updates and Changes

    Please do not post in this thread!

    Due to some recent additions to ACE and some additions that are not so recent for ACRE and ACE as well, I thought it'd be useful to players if they were told straight up and clear what these changes are, why certain things are happening, and what people are talking about when conversing about new updates.

    [Notables of Current ACE Build as of 8/23/2011]
    • All editor and player placed mines (including Vanilla AT mines) are now disarmable, destructable with .50cal, etc.
    • There is a minesweeper now mission makers. Let's be evil now that the players can spot them bouncing betty's ;) .
    • Jet Pilots ARE NOT allowed a PRIMARY or ANY equipment on the "Launcher" equipment slot. This includes:
      • Ruck Sacks
      • AT Weaponry
      • Pack Radios such as the AN/PRC-117F and AN/PRC-119(and varients thereof).

    • Helicopter Pilots AS WELL AS Doorgunners, crewchiefs, and observers are still allowed to carry PRIMARY weapons; however, the previously listed are not allowed to carry Machineguns or anything on the launcher slot.
    • Equipment stripped from pilots and etc. due to the reasons above will now be stored in a dufflebag outside of the helicopter. This bag can be loaded into the vehicle's CARGO (not gear) using ACE Interaction.
    • If a player has a second RIFLE on their ACE On Back slot, they can use the default shortcut (Shift + 1) to swap between currently active weapon and the Weapon On Back. This does NOT include AT Launchers or similar.
    • Players can now exit most car type vehicles from both sides, so now we don't have to run into the line of fire to get in cover behind our vehicle!
    • Using ACE Support Ammo trucks, players can now dynamically reload their vehicle. So no more limited ammo loadout in that tank of yours!
    • ACE has added an MQ-8B Firescout model. If you don't know what that is, google is your friend.
    • The AK-74M models now have IR Lasers and Flashlights! Let's get some Eastern night missions up boys!
    • DAGRs can now link to the GLTD II SOFLAM!
    • Handsignals and Tap Shoulder is now only located in the mouse-gestures. See
    • ACE added scripted hang-grenade throwing. Now we can over hand throw, directly throw, roll, and set grenades! Now with some practice we can easily throw grenades into windows, adjust the throwing strength, and more! See for more info.
    • You can share equpiment in your ruck without having to unpack it! Just got to your gear screen, click the lock on the bottem right of the menu. T stands for Team(or group only) and S stands for Side (so anybody on your side can access your ruck). To access a player's rucksack walk up to them, use ACE interaction and choose Rucksack. If you're not allowed to access said player's ruck, then it won't let you in!
    • ACE Added Scripted Reticles! Turn the option on in your ACEClippi or Userconfig! These will allow for reticle illumination on certain sights, adjustable reticles on many Russian optics (adjustable as in moveable), and better quality SUSAT optic image. This should allow for players without BAF to use the SUSAT sight!

    [ACRE items as of 8/23/11]
    • ACRE now has an Interaction and Self-Interaction menus.
      These are accessed through the default key combos Alt-Shift-Q (Interact) and Alt-Shift-E (Self). The Radio list is now found in the Self Interaction menu, as well as the option to raise and lower your headset (this allows players to do so in vehicles slots that would normally forbid them to.)
    • Changed: PA mode removed from AN/PRC-119. It now sucks compared to the 117F in all respects.

      This means that the AN/PRC-148 is a better quality radio than the AN/PRC-119. The 119 has a max output of 4000mW while the 148's max is 5000mW. The VHF version even has the same antenna!
    • ACRE now implented Vehicle Racks and Vehicle Radios!
      Many car type vehicles have mounts for AN/PRC-148s. When mounted, the player can turn on a speaker to enable players in and near the vehicle to hear radio transmissions. The mount also increases power output of the radio to about 20-40W, about the same as the AN/PRC-119's old PA mode.

      Most armoured and air type vehicles have built in AN/PRC-117Fs. The pilots, drivers, gunners, etc. will have access to this radio; however, the passengers will not.

    If you have any questions on these additions or other things not listed here. Please give me a PM. I will attempt to return your question as soon as possible.
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    Re: [ACE/ACRE] Notable Updates and Changes

    Important Changes of ACE 1.12 RC2 [8/26/2011]

    Includes MAJOR performance improvements.
    Overall initialization time (Starting the game, (re)starting a mission, changing island etc)
    Even faster initialization for 2nd - nth mission start
    Reduced lag/scriptload (especially when spawning lots of dynamic objects (/units/vehicles/etc)
    Improved PostInit performance
    Improved Eventhandler performance
    Reduced peak memory usage

    • LGB canLock fix for #23432
    • Recognize not working in constant mode [Robalo]
    • Spectator didn't work anymore, fixes #23592

    Changelog for ACE 1.12 RC2 :
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark


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      Re: [ACE/ACRE] Notable Updates and Changes

      ACE Changes 1.12 RC3:
      • Removed flashlights/lasers from ace_ak74m, ace_ak74m_kobra, ace_ak74m_1p78, ace_ak74m_PSO, ace_ak74m_tws, ace_ak74m_nspu. Corresponding classes with the attachments end with _FL, e.g. ace_ak74m_kobra_fl. [q1184]
      Blackpython / ZephyrDark




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