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  • bravo server

    Just had a few questions about the bravo server.

    On weekdays can we take the password off so others can join since most peeps are playing pr side of arma?

    And on the domi missions for capturing the enemy helo and bringing it back to base, are u able to tow it out of the hanger or do u have to fly it out? Had the problem with that mission the other night after unkle left. I wasnt able to fly the chopper out too well. Oh and unkle, that chopper u spotted, it was one of the chhoppers we shot down. The chopper for the mission was in the hanger guarded by aa vehicle, two tanks, and a technical.

    Hope bravo server doesnt go offline, i like playing domi more than pr arma.

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    Re: bravo server

    I believe you need to drop the hanger with Satchels - however, I may be wrong.


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      Re: bravo server

      If its that one Taki Domi side mission, the hanger is dug into the ground. That one is particularly difficult as you have to remove the hanger using explosives without destroying the helo. Otherwise, you do have to fly the helo out of the hanger.
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        Re: bravo server

        Yes, flying the heli out of that position is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE I who can prove me a nay sayer?

        There is another way, but that would be telling. Like using boom boom for the zoom zoom. Catch the driftskay?
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