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    The current version everyone plays is combined ops, right? Is this worth buying?

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    Re: Suggestions

    If you are looking for something 'more' than run-and-gun... YES (five million times, yes).

    ARMA is very milsim, it can be slow for 80% of the time you play, but the 20% or so you're in action - just, omg (different mission types can change this dramatically however). If you think you will enjoy teamwork, realism, and so many different varieties of missions I can't even describe right now - pick it up.
    There is a learning curve, a tough one. But once you get through it, it's soooooo freaking worth it.

    If you're hesitant, try to wait for a sale on Steam or whatever online download service you use. I think I remember picking it up with the DLC packs a year ago for around $40, which included the 2 DLC packs. Could be cheaper now.
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      Re: Suggestions

      Agree 100% with Thirdsin, just an awesome game when you combine it with ACE mod. Its 19.99 USD right now for each part (A2 and OA) but at that price its alot cheaper then it was 6 months ago and its definitely worth it if you have the cash right now.

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