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ACE Version 1.12 Update 2 - Beta Requirement

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  • ACE Version 1.12 Update 2 - Beta Requirement

    ACE 1.12 Up. 2 Changelog

    Originally posted by ACE 1.12/2 Changelog
    Includes improved wounding behaviour. #25541
    ACE Recommends to run the latest OA Betas.
    Make sure to run at least OA Beta v1.60 (1.59.85510) or newer.
    Compensation has been added for "Enhanced Armor" difficulty setting (game options), however it is still recommended to disable it.
    So, since the newest ACE update is stating it need the latest beta patch to run properly, does that me we are going to all have to download it? Is the server going to be running the latest beta as well?

    [EDIT] Currently testing clientside with the beta. It appears ACRE breaks with the BETA due to jayarma2lib not being Beta ready. Also it appears there are quite a few difficulties trying to get things to run properly. The ACE Devs also say the recommend using the beta; however, they do not require the beta's use. It may, however, allow for some of the features to work properly.

    Further testing using the normal OA version (not beta) everything that I could tell was working, no crashes so far...
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    Hi BP,

    Just so I'm clear. The Beta works fine or the non-beta?

    Also I have taken one of your older versions of the missions off the server.


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      Re: ACE Version 1.12 Update 2 - Beta Requirement

      From what I've experienced, the beta didn't work right. There were a bunch of "missing *filename/path*" everywhere. That and the Beta breaks ACRE.
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