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    Hi, im totally new to the Tactical Gamer experience, specifically the ArmA one. I first caught nose of your community via the PCGamer report on you, i became interested in playing with you guys purely as a hobby. I would be glad to be allowed to play with you, now i have read all your rules/guidelines and i understand what you are offering to me but also demanding of me and i can say it fits me just fine.

    I also have some questions which are as follows,

    1. I am interested in your ArmA community, but i wonder are you playing ArmA1 or 2?, also i was planning on buying theese copies on steam, and if you try searching for ArmA there is a slew of different games/expansions/DLC's offered, i want to know which ones to specificlly buy.

    2. I have tried to read as much as i can on your forums on how to enable servers/mods/programs/etc. that are needed to play with you, however i am sorry but i found your different forums a little overwhelming, i have seen you have began playing with a mod called Project Reality(?), basiclly, if someone could please link all relevant threads/guides to get me from the point of [Just bought the game] to [Playing on your servers with all relevant mods/programs] that would be very much appreciated.

    3. I also understand you offer in-game courses on how you play, i would be very interested in participating in theese because i am very unexperienced with ArmA, however mư basic computer skills/gaming experience are quite good it's just ArmA in new to.

    That was pretty much all, i apologize if i have been unclear and for any spelling/grammatic errors i have made, i am not of an english speaking ethnicity. Thank you very much!

    PS. If i have placed this thread in the wrong sections i apologize to the mods but i also please ask of you to move it to the correct section.

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    Re: New guy

    Hey bud welcome to TG. You are more than welcome to play on the server any time you like. No applications needed ;)

    I am on my phone so I can't really copy paste a bunch of links but if you give me a bit I can. Or you can hop on ts and see if there is anyone on.


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      Re: New guy

      1) We play ArmA2 these days. Buying it on steam shouldn't be a problem, its too bad you missed out on the ArmA Sale a week ago. We run ArmA2 as well as Operation Arrowhead (the two together is called combined operations). You do not need the BAF or PMC DLC; however, buying these will allow you to have better textures for the models.

      So in other words: Buy ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead at the least.

      2) , the thread linked is sticky'd to the forums you are in right now. It is a good idea to get onto our Teamspeak 3 server if you have any trouble. There is normally at least one person online who may be able to give you a hand. Our TS3 address is :

      When you log onto our TS you'll most likely have to register your Unique ID with our forums to move channels. There should be a couple links on the Default Channel's description.

      3) Unkl, one of our Admins, is currently working on some informational videos to help people like you! Also, LowSpeed and myself are Tactical Gamer University instructors, and I will see if theres any chance that we could get some courses running in the near future.
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        Re: New guy

        Thank you both for your answers, very much appreciated! Will check out thoose links ASAP!


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          Re: New guy

          Welcome Poppe, there are few of us on the alpha server in the evening hours (US). This is the vanilla server without all the addons, a good place to learn the TG way and all are certainly welcome here.


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            Re: New guy

            Hello and Welcome Poppe, just to add a little more clarity for you, TG is currently running 4 Arma2 servers. All are set up for Combined Arms. That is the combining of Arma2 and Operation Arrowhead.

            Alpha server- no addons required

            Bravo server- ACE and ACRE mods. You will need Sixupdater to install and update these mods for this server.

            Charlie server- This is used for mission testing only

            PR:ARMA - This is Administered by the Project Reality:Arma personel. You will need to have Combined Arms set up for this server also

            The Alpha and Bravo servers have TS Channels near the top of the list in TS, whereas the PR:ARMA TS channels are further down the list

            Good luck and as sugguested before, hop on TS and hang out in the ARMA channels and someone will pop on to help you out to get started with your TG experience.




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