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convoy attack 19/11/11

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  • convoy attack 19/11/11

    Domi convoy attack lead by UNK. Well executed ambush in a narrow pass. Currently having problems getting the intro and end credits to mix with fraps video so no TG credits, also my first video post as well. Hilarious part is at the end when we are engaged by the hind.

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    Re: convoy attack 19/11/11

    Thanks for posting that. Never had an ambush go so quickly and we weren't even ready for it. Not too happy about those vanishing ATV's at all lol. We'll have to get more missions up on Alpha that are suitable for seeding. That's today's project.

    ps I edited your post just to make the video display in the post
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      Re: convoy attack 19/11/11

      Looking forward to getting back into arma over next few days (just waiting on new graphics card to arrive) hopefully by wednesday

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        Re: convoy attack 19/11/11

        Perhaps we all should make better use of fraps beings TG now has an official youtube channel. I wish I had fraps running last night. Watched one enemy tank drive by my position followed closely by another enemy tank and then Chief driving our MHQ! About died laughing… I guess us ex-military see a line we have to get in it. It would have been great to have been able to share that experience.




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