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Mission: The Towns for Bravo is done.

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  • Mission: The Towns for Bravo is done.

    This one is a 43 player seeder mission where the BAF forces secure the towns that line the Golfo De Dorra on Lingor. Can be begun with a low player count and you can work your way around. Or when the JIP's come along, send them to the other side & meet in the middle.

    Warning: There is no such thing as a cakewalk between towns. This is all enemy territory and expect enemy reinforcements to be coming in from a far. Ammo problems from previous versions has been fixed, yes including binocs now available from the stores. The markers are sometimes buggy for JIPs. Just ignore their complaints & tell them where to go fight.

    Bonus: ACE Artillery support is available from US Fire Base: Angel Rain. 3 players can spawn there & operate fire missions FOR YOU. Get your notepad out, this is geek calulating fun at it's most blamarific state!

    But then, we will all be playing on CLAFGAN anyway.

    note: Big thanks to Blackpython for help getting the ammo & arty squared away.
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    Re: Mission: The Towns for Bravo is done.


    "Steelrain, FO1. Requesting fire mission over"
    "FO1, 2 digit grid, enemy infantry, spread 50m, requesting suppression over"
    "FO1, Steelrain...err say again that grid over"

    Bring the fun!

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