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  • [INFO] Don't forget: RIBBON NOMINATIONS!

    Submit a Ribbon Nomination!

    Since we have a big event going on tomorrow, this is a fantastic time to submit a ribbon nomination! If you see a player as being extraordinary put a ribbon in for them! This is a great way to motivate players to do their best as well as recognize those who show to be exemplary TG members.

    Remember, when you submit a ribbon, do it professionally. Put as much detail in it as possible. Pictures a plus as they help your argument. As well, you should take the time to write an After-Action Report (AAR) and include it on the nomination, they are great support information in the nomination and are also great reads. Also, remember that ribbons are meant to be kept private. Do not tell ANYBODY about a ribbon nomination that you have made, this is just good conduct and is ethical. Ribbons are symbols of merit that are earned and should not be asked for.
    Follow the links below to learn more.

    Ribbons Forum

    Tactical Gamer Awards System

    Currently Supported Service Ribbons

    Submit a Ribbon Nomination
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    Re: Don't forget: RIBBON NOMINATIONS!

    Also, if anyone needs help with their ribbon nomination please don't hesitate to ask a Pathfinder or and Admin to help. We would be more than happy to help you.


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      Re: Don't forget: RIBBON NOMINATIONS!

      Outstanding Volunteer & Distinguished Conduct
      Date: February 5th, 2012

      Presented To:

      • Unk (Class I)

      Just a quick bump for this double ribbon award.
      Don't know how he got it. I sure as heck didn't nominate him for any :row__523:
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        Re: Don't forget: RIBBON NOMINATIONS!

        Great post, nice write up BP.

        Grats to Unkl also, well deserved!


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          Re: Don't forget: RIBBON NOMINATIONS!

          nice post BP

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