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Find a bug with ACE? Read this!

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  • [INFO] Find a bug with ACE? Read this!

    Hey guys, just going to make a post here to inform everyone here at TG ArmA that if you find a bug on ACE, do not keep it to yourself!

    The best thing to do when you find a bug, glitch, etc. is to go to , make an account and post in their issue tracker about it! Now remember, it is best to provide the utmost of information as you can. Try to reproduce the bug/glitch in the editor and then include the mission file (either .pbo it or provide the raw mission folder .islandName). It is also a great idea to clear your Error Report file (ArmA2OA.rpt) and run the repro mission. You'll want to save that file somewhere else and include it on the error report. The more we can do to help the ACE devs along the better our gameplay will be!

    If you feel as if you're not comfortable with posting in their issue tracker for whatever reason, or if you don't have the editor skills to make the repro mission, it might be a good idea to bring it up with one of the Admins or even a Pathfinder if you see one around.

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    Re: Find a bug with ACE? Read this!

    OR if as in my A-10 case something is working like it was intended but it is not realistic9granted some things are changed from reality with the intent of making it more user friendly to the player

    but if it is something that is done by mistake or just not enough info on the dev's part, such as was the case with the A-10's GAU-8, if you know it is wrong and can show it is wrong they will at least consider changing it if they don't feel it is more work than it is worth

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