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TGU ArmA2 "Navigation Course"

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] TGU ArmA2 "Navigation Course"

    Quick Session Information
    Date:"Saturday, 11FEB2012 - 2300GMT/1800EST
    Be on Teamspeak By:"2230GMT/1730EST"
    Estimated Duration:"90-120 Minutes"
    Server: IP/Password Given in Teamspeak
    Module:"Navigation Course in map reading, maptools and DAGR
    Number of Students:"Twelve(12)"
    Credit badge: None

    Sign up thread:

    Lesson plan
    Introduction to the course.
    • Why is it important for a soldier to be able to navigate?
    • What are the tactical advantages of map reading?

    Map reading
    • The topographical map
    • What does the topographical map display and what do they mean?
    • Terrain features
    • Basic map reading

    The compass
    • Mils and degrees
    • How to use it
    • Cardinal directions
    • Taking a bearing and a back bearing

    Grids and position
    • Introduction to the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
    • Explanation of the multi-digit grid reference.

    Map tools
    • What is the map tool?
    • The scales, compass and measuring scales and rulers
    • Hot keys for using the map tool

    How to find your position
    • Using culture, toponymy and terrain features
    • Using the map tool
    • Using the GPS

    Navigation with the map tool
    • How to plan a route (what must one consider?)
    • Navigating off the map

    • Introduction of the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver
    • How does it work IRL?
    • Uses of it in ArmA
    • Walkthrough of menus and functions

    Course qualification test

    End of lesson
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    CO49 Great Bear Part 1, 28APR2012.



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