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  • Important TG ArmA Announcement

    It is with great pride that the ArmA Admin Staff present to all Spartan-Pathfinders the "Pathfinder Tab"

    This Tab is to show the community what it is you all have worked for. And as a badge of honor to be worn with pride. It is not just some signature candy. This Tab represents the Spartan group, the ArmA community, and more importantly TG as a whole. Wear of this badge lets all know that you have proven that you represent the core TG values and are a true Tactical Gamer.

    For those that don't know what a Spartan is here is a brief description:

    The Spartans are the individuals you always see leading a mission in game as well as making a positive contribution in the ArmA forums. These are the individuals that you can always rely on for making the game fun and taking charge no matter what. They should also be considered the person you look to in game and the forums when you have a question or you need some guidance. They have demonstrated themselves time again as solid players and leaders that are simply motivated by being a positive contributor.

    The Admins and myself are very proud of our current Spartan group. They have all worked very hard to promote the community, lead in game, and build CO-OP Event Missions.

    The following is a list of all current Spartans and authorized recipients of the above tab:

    socomseal93 - Spartan 1

    LowSpeedHighDrag - Spartan 2

    Jeepo_SAS - Spartan 3

    Blackpython - Spartan 4

    Grunt70 - Spartan 5

    Dredge - Spartan 6

    ChiefBoats - Spartan 7

    Charles Darwin - Spartan 8

    John Flenaly- Spartan 11

    Unkl- Spartan 13

    Jack Bauer - Spartan 14

    If you want to become a Spartan, keep doing the right thing! Lead when no one else does, help new players, guide the community through your actions. The Spartans are always watching and keeping an eye on those that represent what it means to be a Spartan.

    ~ArmA Admin Team~


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    Re: Important TG ArmA Announcement

    It looks mean! Whoever made it did a good job.
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