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  • A reminder!

    The last couple of courses I have run at the ArmA ACE & ACRE branch of TG have all started off 30+ later because of people having technical difficulties.
    Let me say this, and it goes for alle students of any TGU course whether it be BF3 or PR, test your modset if not the day before then at least hours before roll call/ASAP.
    Roll call is not something one stumbles into with nothing set up that can take over 60 minutes to download and expect to attend the course.
    Had I been a strict bastard half of all students shouldn't have been allowed to attend the courses I have held.

    I do not know if this is just in my case, but I do most certainly know that a lot of times goes into each course, so the least would be to have one's mods set up correctly.

    Now, I do not want excuses. Some didn't have the time to check the modset, some were new to sixupdater and TS and last minute sign ups, but the above is for those who sign-up days in advance and don't have their things sorted out.

    I am not asking anything more than what the sign up information demands, I am reminding you of it!
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    Re: A reminder!

    To make things smoother for the TGU Instructors and their students, if you need any help getting ACE/ACRE going, check in on TS3 and look in the ArmA Alpha or Bravo channels. Odds are very good someone there will be able to help you get your setup working in the days before your TGU class is scheduled.

    This is doubly important for any scheduled events (like Operation Deep Dagger, part 2 this Sunday). Make sure your game and TS3 is working ahead of time, and avoid any last minute software updates until checking in the forums here to get the go ahead (for TS3 updates for example). Thanks!


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      Re: A reminder!

      Hello, this is tech support! Did you run as admin? Make sure you run it all as admin! Go to the following file URLs and whatnot, grab this file and that file, move to here and drop them, relaunch. What do you mean they aren't where they're meant to be? HIT IT WITH A HAMMER!


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        Re: A reminder!

        Originally posted by J.B. View Post
        I am not asking anything more than what the sign up information demands, I am reminding you of it!
        I am Unkl, and I approve of this message.
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