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  • [INFO] Joining TG

    Guys just curious as to how I go about joining TG. I enjoy playing tactically with you mob but cant seem to find any information on how to apply in order to join TG. Could you advise?

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    Re: Joining TG

    You already have!

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      Yep we have no sign up process. Any one is free to play with us. If you choose to run TG tags make sure you read our sops and rules. Enjoy.

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        Re: Joining TG

        Best understood here:

        You may see players on the servers using the "TG" tag in their name when they play on the server. Players who become regulars quickly ask: may I use the TG tag in my name?

        Anyone who endorses and practices our playstyle and rulesets may wear the TG tag when playing on our or other servers. Bottom line: if you support TG for what it is and want to show that support, the TG tag is a good way to do it. Many players who love it here choose not to sport the tag in their playername, and that's fine, too, if that's what you prefer. The option is there for you to take or leave.

        We love it when people support this community with Supporting Memberships, but it's not required to wear the TG tag.

        I just want to re-iterate that by wearing the TG tag you are representing TG and our style of play. Wearing the TG tag means you have read and understand our rules, SOPs & announcements.
        Read and understand the Primer here:
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          Re: Joining TG

          A little more info for you Bexley...
          In addition to players with |TG| in front of their name, you may see people with |TG-Irr| or |TG-247th|, etc. Tactical Gamer hosts several (I mean a lot) of in-house squads, players with a common outlook and play style.

          You can find more information on the TG in-house squads here.


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            Re: Joining TG

            Ok I know many have answered but I will to (just because I can :P )

            "TacticalGamer: it's a community. It's not a clan. It's not exclusive in any way. But there's a certain ethos to it. It's that we want to have a mature, fun game. So a lot of the problems you see in console gaming, or just the behaviour issues, just don't exist in TG ... This community is fantastic."
            You have already joined TG by joining our community here. If you want to wear the |TG| tags as said above have a look at the TG Primer and our SOPs. Be a good example and that is all it takes.

            If you are interested in joining a in house squad then the best way to find all of them is to get on TS scroll down and click on the each IHS channel. You will find links to their wiki pages there. You will possible find people in the channels too. Talk to them, ask them, take your time looking at what they have on their wiki pages and see which one looks good to you. You will have to be a supporting member to join one. If you cannot do that, then have a look at the Irregulars .

            Lastly, for whatever help you need, hop on TS and start poking people until you get a response ;)
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              Re: Joining TG

              Hey bexley glad to see you found us :) In addition to what woof said about in house squads you may also see some of us wearing [Spartan(number)] at the end of our names and sporting fancy Pathfinder logos on our vehicles that is a special group called the Pathfinders if you have questions or any issues on the servers and can't find an admin these are your next line of help :) Pathfinders are chosen for their help to the community and leadership in game and out. Welcome to TG!


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                Re: Joining TG

                Can't think of anything to add to what has already been said except add my welcome to the list....So Welcome!


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                  Welcome to Tactical Gamer bexley

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