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  • Bravo Waiting Room

    Just created the Bravo Waiting Room.

    Only join this channel when you are waiting for the next chance to join the Bravo server. If the mission is not JIP your presence in this channel should be enough to show you are waiting. When missions are changing, take a moment to alt-tab out & check for players that are waiting in this channel. Anyone AFK in this channel will be moved or kicked. Don't get's just so this channel will work as intended.
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    Re: Bravo Waiting Room

    makes sense. chill out and eventually the mission will end and you will be called upon.
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      Re: Bravo Waiting Room

      I like thie idea

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        +1 :thumbup:

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          Re: Bravo Waiting Room

          I think it is great to have it back. It will help organise things if used properly :)
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            Re: Bravo Waiting Room

            +1 to this post.

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              Re: Bravo Waiting Room

              "You must spread so Love around before giving any more to Unk again." Awwwww :(
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                Re: Bravo Waiting Room

                If I come down to Wells and you buy me lobster you will get a +10... Never mind...get back to your scripting.




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