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  • Checking in.

    Its been awhile since I posted that I was leaving for Marine Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego and I figured it's about time I checked in with you guys. Right now I'm sitting in what I'm pretty sure is Purgatory. After boot camp and 17 days of leave and recruiters assistance I checked into Camp Pendleton, SOI West, Infantry Training Battalion, Charlie Company. Due to an unnoticed stress fracture I probably received during the Crucible, I was dropped 1 week shy of the split and transferred to SAC Company, Rehab Platoon. I've been here for two months. I've been denied recruiters assistance twice and had 7 days of leave taken away all for no particular reason. So yeah, just updating you guys.

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    Re: Checking in.

    keep your chin up buddy.

    Thanks for serving and thanks for checking in. Suck it up.

    It will get better and this will only help you in the long run. I know the situation isn't the best but years later when your superiors look over your service record and see you rising above these setbacks you'll garner a boat load of positives.

    I'm not and never have been in military so maybe some of our currently enrolled brethren can give some additional advice. I do know enough about the military to know that sometimes it's better to go along to get along and this sounds like one of those cases.

    Good luck.
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      Camp pen is smack dab in the middle of the greatest place in the states man. I live on the north end and moved back after my service was over. There are deffently worse places to be "stuck". I work at MCAS Yuma right now Monday through friday and be greatfull you are in South OC and not in this wasteland.

      Keep your head up. You got plunty of time. Heck, you're getting paid either way.

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